Comedian Dave Chappell creates controversy over gender statements

American comedian Dave Chappell sparked controversy on Friday following jokes about “gender” on a show aired on Netflix, which LGBT activists denounced as “transpopic”.

“Gender is a fact. Every man in this room, every man on earth, has to go through a woman’s legs to be on earth. This is a fact,” begins the joke in “The Closer” released this week in the United States.

During the passage, he defended British writer JK Rowling, who was accused of making defamatory remarks against transgender people on Twitter last year.

These predictions were not to the liking of LGBTQ prosecuting groups, such as the National Black Justice Coalition, which asked Netflix to diprogram this Dave Chapel show.

Transgender Jacqueline Moore, the Netflix producer and transgender of the “Dear White People” series, has confirmed herself on Twitter. And dangerous relocation “.

During Thursday night’s performance at the magnificent Hollywood Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles, Dave Chapel added fuel to the fire.

“I like it when we call it ‘destruction,'” he said, referring to himself as a victim of “cancel culture” (culture of destruction).

The most famous comedian in the Anglo-Saxon world was happily acclaimed by 18,000 viewers, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, two media outlets that specialize in the entertainment industry.

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