Quebec solitaire candidate's reluctant but controversial "like" at Marie-Victorin

Another Unity candidate is in trouble this morning for an “unfortunate” and “really unintentional” “like” of a tweet that makes racist comments about Quebec and Quebecers.

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Marie-Victor’s mention of “like” in a controversial tweet in support of candidate Shobika Vaidyanathazarma has sparked outrage from many netizens.

Quebec Thiel's candidate is Shobika Vaidyanathasarma

Twitter screenshot.

In this tweet, user @maDuchesse, with 90 “likes” and 24 retweets since yesterday, explains “a chance the racial vote blocked to create a country with this beautiful racist province”.

Quebec Thiel's candidate is Shobika Vaidyanathasarma

Twitter screenshot.

While the stances taken on social media have been scrutinized like never before in this campaign, the Unity candidate and former Bloc Québécois candidate wanted to shed some light on the matter. This “like” is “totally and completely involuntary”.

“I absolutely do not approve of these racist and outrageous comments,” he explains.

Quebec Thiel's candidate is Shobika Vaidyanathasarma

Screenshot, TVA Nouvelles

“While scanning social media yesterday, I accidentally clicked on this tweet to see the comments. This is where I accidentally hit the “like” button. I have removed it, I do not approve, but not really these outrageous comments, I apologize if this error has offended,” he adds.

A paradoxical approach

Mme Finally, Vaidyanathasarma would like to point out that the campaign he is leading in Marie-Victorin is in stark contrast to his approach and style of politics.

“This kind of message is the opposite of the unifying discourse that I encourage in the riding of Marie-Victorine,” he explains.

Reached by phone today, Quebec Solider distanced itself from the tweet’s comments and backed its candidate’s interpretations with much greater force.

“Last night we immediately called her to investigate. He immediately assured us of his mistake and error in handling the application,” the party said.

However Québec solidaire wants to emphasize the consequences of this event. Because if there was a mistake, the party regrets the intimidation and derogatory comments made by the following two example tweets to the unity candidate from last night.

Quebec Thiel's candidate is Shobika Vaidyanathasarma

Twitter screenshot.

“In a campaign marked by the brand of intimidation, it is scary,” the party adds.

Quebec Thiel's candidate is Shobika Vaidyanathasarma

Twitter screenshot.

Comments with racial overtones made headlines in the last week of the election campaign A candidate for the anti-Muslim Parti Québécois And Controversial ideas about the Muslim religion and minoritiesand controversy Outgoing Labor Minister Jean Boulet comments on immigration.

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The importance of politicians being careful on social media

“We all make them accidents, and to err is human,” says a PhD student in communications at UQAM and a lecturer at the Media School at UQAM Lawrence Grandin-Robillard.

Quebec Thiel's candidate is Shobika Vaidyanathasarma

Screenshot Center for Inter-University Research in Communication, Information and Society (CRICIS).

“The problem is that users have to be very active to make themselves known to non-subscribers. Imagine the end of the campaign! It’s demanding and mistakes happen often,” he adds.

However, the expert wants to decide on M’s caseme Vaidyanathasarma, a certain racism may have colored the reactions of users.

“Misogyny and racism have not abated in this day and age. Above all, we must remember that Vaidyanathasarma is a woman of Sri Lankan origin,” he says.

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