Coal price increase in PGG shop September 2023. Check coal prices from the beginning of September

On September 1, the price of coal in Polska Grupa Górnicza’s online store went up. What are the prices? Check!

There have been some changes in the PGG online store this year. They affected, among other things: the hours of placing coal and its availability in the online store. The hours are now 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM every business day. You can check prices in our gallery.

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— All current production of heating coal from the mines goes to the shelves of the PGG SA online store, and all current production goes to fuel coal – Polska Grupa Górnicza reported at the end of August.

The monthly production of this type of coal in PGG factories is 270-300 thousand tons. Tone. After that, you can select a maximum of 5 tons of product in the store. We decided to check how sales are going on ourselves. Shortly before 3 PM, we saw the following message.

– Thank you for participating in our shopping session. Due to the great interest of our customers, the available goods have been sold. We invite you to participate in our next shopping session.

During the sales session on September 4 at 3 pm, the following products appeared on the website:

  • Karolinka Ecogrosic,
  • carlic Ecogrosic,
  • Walnut – Marcel,
  • cube – zymote,
  • walnut – zymoet,
  • cube – staszyk-wojc,
  • nut – staszyk-wojek,
  • Groszek 5-25 – Myslowice-Wisola,
  • Kostka – Myslovice-Wysola,
  • Nut – Yankovic,
  • walnut – ridoltoy,
  • Walnut – Sosnica,
  • Kostka – Sosnica,

Eco-peas and peas were sold out within a few minutes. The cube and nut have been available for much longer.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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