5 Features of WhatsApp Messenger You Didn't Know.  They will help you with your daily communications

WhatsApp is a free messaging app that millions of people around the world use every day. With this app, you can receive and send text messages as well as voice messages. However, this messenger also comes with some amazing hidden features that you don’t know about yet. We are calling.


WhatsApp is very popular, Free instant messaging. Its primary functions include:

  • send and receive text messages,
  • send and receive voice messages,
  • create a video conference,
  • sending phtos ,
  • Download videos
  • file transfer.

The app primarily prides itself on end-to-end encryption, which means that only the sender and receiver of a particular message can read it.

Whatsapp has a lot of hidden features that a large percentage of users probably don’t know about. Developers do not hide it in the system, but non-beginners are rarely aware of its existence and use it sporadically or rarely at all. As a result, it is not deployed like the classic sending of text messages, photos or video conferencing.

See the lesser known features of WhatsApp to make chatting with friends and family more efficient


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