HiT Guide.  Wojciech Roszkowski translates pictures of Kaczyński and Duda

The interviewer, Peter Witwicky, noted that in the textbook on history up to 1979 there are pictures of the winners of the presidential elections. Andre Duda President of the Law and Justice Party Jaroslav Kaczynski.

in the answer the professor. Wojciech Roszkowskiauthor of the textbook History and Present 1945-1979She emphasized that the pictures are in the “Democracy, Dialogue and Populism” chapter.

– But how do we explain it? What are the options? in Australia? In the People’s Republic of Poland? Roskowski asked.

Fifteen-year-olds remember these elections. This will remind them of the elections. This does not mean that they should vote for these people, because they probably will not like them. This is not party propaganda – the author of the textbook on history and the present emphasized.

a. Roskowski explains that the textbook simply presents the last elections that took place in our country.

I didn’t choose the pictures, but I accepted them. I noticed that it makes sense that this election would be the last. I decided there was a certain temporal reason in this. The historian indicated that there was no partisan intention in this.

Watch the full conversation between Piotr Witwicki and the Professor. Wojciech Roszkowski:

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