Summer will add Polsat and RMF FM successfully.  That's who she won.  aptly?

In the finale of the hugely successful summer 2021 competition there were: Sylwia Grzeszczak with “Prawda o nas”, Doda from “Don’t Wanna Hide” and C-Bool from “Golden Rules”. will add.

Festival performance Available at the link.

– I really did not expect. I’m not at all ready, but I’ll make up for it with charisma. Thank you for your support RMF FM and Nina Terentiew – said Dorota Rabczewska upon receiving the award.

He will add Polsat and RMF FM summer song at the partyDuda in concert Przebój lata Polsat and RMF FM – VIPHOTO / EAST NEWS / East News

During the Przebój Lata RMF FM and Polsat concert, the artists presented their greatest hits: Roksana Węgiel, “Korona”, Sylwia Grzeszczak, “Prawda o nas”, Doda, “Don’t Wanna Hide”, Three of Us, “Szklany Ceiling”, Michał Szczygieł and “Spontan”, Martin Lange and “Kłamiesz”, Daria with “Love Blind”, C-Bool from “Golden Rules”, Grzegorz Hyży with “The King of Summer” and Arek Kłusowski with “The Ideal Song” Jr. “ He recently fought for Amber Nightingale in Sopot.

The joint hit “Cool Me Down” was performed by the star of the Romanian disco scene Ina and Gromy, who represented Poland at Eurovision 2018, and in the fall you will be able to watch him as a juror on the show. “Your face looks familiar.”

The main star of the evening was Michael Patrick Kelly of the very popular ’90s Kelly Family group. The lecturers are Wiktoria Gąsiewska, Adam Zdrójkowski and Pawe Jawor from RMF FM.

After the musical impressions, Polsat continues the Świętokrzyska Gala Kabaretowa Festival 2021. The theater will perform: Kabaret Moralnej Niepokoju, Kabaret Ani Mru-Mru, Kabaret Skeczów Męczczych, Kabaret Nowaki, Kabaret K2 and Robert Korózrianki ról. Broadcast on Sunday at 20.00 on the air Pulsat.

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