Centimeters in the match between Zagłębie and Pogoń were decisive

Match PAP / Sebastian Borowski / PKO Ekstraklasa: KGHM Zagłębie Lubin – Pogoń Szczecin

Sebastian Szyatkowski

Sunday, 3pm, KGHM players Zagłębie Lubin and Pogoń Szczecin were in no rush to attack. In the end, they put Miedziowi in their favour, the ball just crossed the goal line and the score was 1:0. Bartosz Klepaniuk did not help again.

The teams had things to improve. The Al-Nahhas team lost the previous match against Corona, and this loss is still small in Bogo’s series of losses. Port had three consecutive defeats in the PKO Ekstraklasa. Jens Gustafsson’s side lost successively to Radomiak, ŁKS and Olinsk, putting them closer to the relegation zone than to the places rewarded with promotion to European Cups.

The coaches’ reaction to the problems was very interesting. There were four changes in Zagłębie’s starting line-up, one of which was due to the cards of Bartłomiej Kłudka. Instead, he played Mikel Kerkescu. In addition, Socrates Diodes, Michal Nalpa and Tomas Benko joined the squad in place of Simon Wierach, Camille Kroc and Tornik Gabrindasvili.

In Bujeon, room for maneuver remains limited due to casualties. Jens Gustafsson introduced central defender Marius Malik to the XI, who played in a protective mask, as well as youngster Adrian Przyborek in place of Luka Zahović. 1,200 visiting fans turned up for Lubin and hung banners criticizing physical preparation coach Rafael Poreta and club president Jaroslav Mrozek.

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The beginning of the match was dynamic, but due to inaccuracy, nothing came out of the attacks. The most dangerous shot, but it was outside the goal, was scored by Bartosz Kopacz, after throwing it from a free kick. After nearly 20 minutes had passed, the team’s attacking ineptitude began to be alarming – there was still something missing in the movement, so there weren’t any shots on target.

And only in the 22nd minute, the fans got up from their seats in the stands. After the cross, Tomas Benko headed in an accurate header, but it did not surprise Bartosz Klebanjuk. Miedziowy’s entire business resulted from one of Kamil Grosicki’s countless losses. Not long after, there were two shots from Zagłębie from a distance, no further warnings for Pogoń.

Chase in defense started out with a great experience after Paweł Stolarski came on in place of the injured Danijel Loncar. In attack, the entire group of Porters failed and only in extra time did Efthymis Koulouris strike the first shot at Sokratis Diodes’ goal. Moreover, the awakening of the population of Szczecin was not visible.

The beginning of the second half witnessed many interruptions due to injuries. In the 61st minute there was a wake-up call thanks to Damian Dabrowski. Pogoń’s former captain in Zagłębie colors tried to score a free-kick goal but failed to beat Bartosz Klepaniuk. Shortly after that, Mateusz Grzybek improved, but the Coppers had to settle for a corner kick.

Pogoń also had the chance to open the scoring in the second half. And in the 68th minute, Efthimis Koloris put his head on the ball after a Leonardo Borges cross and tried to catch Socrates Diodes. Accuracy was missing.

In the 78th minute, Zaglibi reached the goal of Boujon, and broke the double shot after a cross from a corner kick. It was not the first time that Bartosz Kopacz had slipped away from the Szczecin defenders and this time he had his header successfully reduced to 1:0. Bartosz Klebanyuk had the opportunity to return the ball, but he acted strangely on the goal line and threw the ball just behind the goal line.

By the end of the meeting, little had changed. Zagłębie slightly better documented the advantage with a score of 1:0. The brass’s mood improved after the failure in Kielce, and Jens Gustafsson’s work in Pogo uncertain after a fourth successive defeat.

KGHM Zaglebie Lubin – Bogon Szczecin 1:0 (0:0)
1:0 – Bartosz Kopac 78′


pelvis: Socrates Deudis – Mikel Kerkeskov, Michal Nalipa, Bartosz Kopacz, Mateusz Grzebek – Damian Dabrowski, Tomas Makovsky – Kasper Chudina (75′ Arkadiusz Wozniak), Serhij Bulica, Tomas Benko (90′ Damjan Pohar) – Daoud Korminovsky (75′ Juan Munoz) .

quest: Bartosz Klepaniuk – Linus Walkvist, Daniel Loncar (26′ Pawel Stularski), Marius Malik, Leonardo Borges (80′ Leonardo Cutres) – Joao Gamboa (59′ Luka Zahovic), Alexander Gorgon – Wahan Beczacjan (80′ Marius Vornalczyk), Adrian Przyborek . (59′ Rafael Kurzawa), Kamil Grosicki – Efthymis Kolores

Yellow cards: Nalipa (Zaglebi), Przyborek, Alqvist, Pechacjan, Zahović, Korzao (Pogon)

Judge: Marcin Štcherbović (Olsztyn)

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