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Mariana Massa’s La Carte Blanche was published on October 2, where she describes her first and last meeting with Guy Lafleur, and people did not fail to react. Here is an overview of received emails.

Posted at 12:00 PM.

Natural complicity

A simple exchange, a look, a smile, a smile, a smile, a simple exchange has natural, spontaneous and affectionate accomplices. Tabarnak Playful. It’s often unexpected, an epiphany that means we’re experiencing forever when we meet another exceptional being. There are those who don’t experience such a connection, such a moment, and that’s a pity. For them, it will always remain a misunderstood secondary, neglected human dimension. Thanks for this text.

Gaston M. Code

Be as you are

You stayed! Don’t worry, there are always pros and cons. Meeting someone legendary is annoying. Guy Lafleur is my hero, he gave everything to his fans, but CH who insulted him. So be you! Note that I don’t want to hear you cursing, but I like your “brave” side even better. Be who you are my love!

Monique Villeneuve, Quebec

Entertaining boy

Poor Mariana: sensitive, intelligent, but not yet classy. You may find it tempting to swear without a filter, but it may not work with everyone. You are lucky to meet a happy guy.

Gilles Julien

Like two good friends

Witnessing your meeting with Guy Lafleur, I thought: It sounds like an exchange between two good friends who can say anything to each other without getting angry. I admit that sometimes you are beyond my understanding and shy, but I love you.

Carmen Hamelin

The boy was real

Me, I don’t like Mariana’s humor, but I’m sure Guy is sincere and would love to be on her show. I, Guy, loved his best qualities and his faults. I’m sure I’ll look at Mariana with a more kind eye. Who knows, maybe humor will lead me…

Claude Lussier

to follow

What a beautiful text, you have a lot of humanity, and a high sense of honor to follow tirelessly.

Daniel Tessier

I shed tears

Thank you, beautiful Mariana, you brought me to tears. I wanted to thank you because you are a true and pure person, not driven by hatred! I love you so much.

Chantal LaRouche

Excellent link

Aha! I admit I didn’t watch the broadcast TLMEP, but sometimes, it only takes a moment between two people to feel an exceptional connection. This link is rare. Not everyone sees. It often happens between two people who have nothing in common. It would be great if the family of our hockey idol felt this connection. The most beautiful moment shared by Marianna.

Monique LePage

i love you

Dear is a very beautiful person. I love you for everything you give: beautiful, good, excessive, very sweet, refreshing, spontaneous, enormous heart. Yes, I love you.

Nicole Leclerc, 74 years old

Very emotional

Mariana’s speeches really impressed me. She is very simple in her words and I feel so much emotions, peace and quiet moments while reading her texts. He expresses life’s essential moments with great magnanimity despite the prejudices and unnecessary nastiness caused by some people’s lack of understanding. Thank you Mariana for posting and thank you especially to her for being so honest and open.

Anne-Marie Coder

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