February 3, 2023


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The need to protect quality scientific information | Science | News | The sun

S.This interview provoked strong reactions from its members, who expressed their concern about the press treatment of the interview between the presenter and Dr. Raoul in a letter to ACS Radio-Canada. Co-signed by Quebec’s chief scientist, Rami Curio, the letter called into question the journalistic treatment assigned to Dr. Roult, which is considered to be inconsistent with current standards.

The publicly published ombudsman’s response confirms that this interview actually violated Radio-Canada’s press standards and practices, namely accuracy, honesty, balance, impartiality and integrity in journalistic activities. Marine Corneu, a science journalist for 15 years, professionally recalled the work and role of journalists in our public service in relation to science.

Since then, Marine Corneo has received reports of harassment, insults and intimidation from individuals posing as Didier Rowlatt’s defenders, and Stephen’s complaint to the Bureau that the offender’s guilt is considered to promote censorship and single-mindedness.

While not surprised by these events, ACS considers it completely unacceptable that one of its members should fall victim to contempt or cyberstalking in the discharge of their duties. For more than 40 years, ACS has protected and continues to protect its members who help the public in Quebec access quality scientific information and make informed decisions.

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