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On a trip to Paris. The end of the third season ““The fourth installment left the track to be executed The star was announced shortly before the first screening of the last episodes of the TV series And a new volume of chapters based on the books of Caroline Gepnes.

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While reading Caroline’s novel, Greece and I immediately became hysterical And his twisted view of the world. It is exciting to see Ben Joe take on a creepy and glamorous life.Executive producer Sera Gamble commented on the show’s update.

We are so thankful that Netflix has shown such tremendous support and that people around the world have really enjoyed watching Joe screw up over the last three seasons. All team‘I’m excited to explore the dark new aspects of love in the fourth seasonHe added.

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What will happen to “You” in Season 4?

At the end of the third season “”, He tries to ask for a love divorce, but she already knows about Marianne, poisoning him with some flowers until he leaves him unconscious and summons the librarian with the intention of killing her. However, Marianne’s kindness and daughter’s appearance change her mind.

Realizing that the love problem is Joe decides to kill him, but he already has an alternative medicine and uses the same poison to kill her. In addition, he blames his wife for all the crimes that rocked Mother Linda, yet he also mocks his death in search of his ‘soul mate’ to escape.

Marion and her daughter disappear after a love affair, and Joe searches for them in Paris, but he can’t find them. Anyway, find them in the fourth season. ““Marianne, can you really accept Joe as a romantic interest? Also, how can he explain his death? Can you trust him? In the worst case scenario, will Joe meet the new ‘someone’?

On the other hand, what will happen to Henry now that he lives with Dante? Will Sherry and Carey reappear in Joe’s life? Will Matthew try to avenge him if he finds out Joe is alive? Will Daddy really accept his daughter’s death? Want Joe to face the romantic family? Also, can you get rid of the demons of the past like Joe Ellie?

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Joe flirts with Marion in the third season of “You” (Photo: Netflix)

“You” Season 4 Trailer

Fourth season “You“There is no official trailer yet.

Trailer "You" - Season 3
Trailer for “U” Season 3 of the Netflix series

Cast and “You” Season 4 characters

The cast of the fourth season of the series has not yet been confirmed, but there is no doubt about it Will be in the lead role again. As for the other actors, they may reappear in the show’s characteristic flashback.

  • Ben Battley Como Joe Goldberg
  • Daddy Gabriel Como Marian Bellamy
  • Victoria Petretti as Love Quinn
  • Saffron Burrows Como Totti Quinn
  • Shalita Grand Como Sherry Conrad
  • Travis von Wingle Como Gary Conrad
  • Dylan Arnold as Theo Engler

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Love (Victoria Petretti) sharpens the knife so that he plans to kill Joe at the end of Season 3. "You" (Photo: Netflix)
Love (Victoria Petretti) sharpens the knife that plots to kill Joe at the end of “You” Season 3 (Photo: Netflix)

When will “You” Season 4 be released?

Fourth season “You“There is no official release date yet , But mostly new episodes will run in late 2022.

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