When we met Monica Macijewska, she was working full time as a cashier – a saleswoman at a grocery chain.

At home, I have a notebook in which I write my fees. I check them one by one. This month I have 50 zlotys left to live. My salary was 2400 PLN, a mortgage and 2400 PLN rent. I still have the gas and internet fees, the cash installments and the phone fees. So far, I’ve taken all this extra money out of my financial pillow, but my savings are now gone. I have no left. It will be a difficult month – sorry for the young lady.

Some time ago, Mrs. Monica, tempted by the low interest rate on loans, took out a mortgage in Polish zlotys. Signing the contract with the bank, she was aware that the amount of the monthly installment would change, but she did not expect it to rise by almost one hundred percent.

– The first interest rate mentioned in the signed contract amounted to 4.34%, after the first increase it jumped to 7.4% and the current increase is 9.9%. – Maciejewska enumerates. He adds: – When I started paying it, the installment was 1100 zlotys, and today I pay 2100 zlotys. I expected the installment to reach 1600 zlotys and was already thinking what I would do then, but I didn’t expect it to jump to 2100 zlotys. I wasn’t ready for that at all, and that’s not the end. If they keep raising the premiums, I won’t have anything to pay for it.

Before our heroine took a loan, several banks decided that she was not creditworthy. Eventually, with the help of an advisor, she found her way to a bank that helped her realize her dream of her own apartment.

– I wish we could live normally and many other people who are in a similar situation. We earn money honestly, but we are not able to pay for the apartment or rent it. Especially if someone has children. I feel sorry for such people. For example, I do not have children and this is difficult for me, and with children I can not imagine – says Monica.

Parental support? They also have their credit because they have a home. Whether we like it or not, we are not even able to help each other, because they pay their obligations and I pay my duties. Everyone struggles to pay the fee – Maciejewska explains. And she adds: – I have always been such a person that I wanted to do everything myself. Without the help of parents or family. My character is that what I earn is mine and no one will ever tell me it gave me.

Monica Macijewska was in a relationship for several years when she decided to buy an apartment from her parents. Paying off the loan was two orders of magnitude easier. The parting with my partner coincided with rising interest rates.

While preparing the report, Monica lost her job.

– I have no work and no money for credit. The woman says it’s a vicious cycle. She adds: – I think it will be easier for me to find a job now. I have 2-3 suggestions that I will consider and I will definitely choose something from them.

Before her dismissal, a woman from a permanent full-time job received 2,500 PLN. For several months, she also did additional work. First of all, by placing the goods on the shelves. Mrs. Monica works, from time to time, as a photographer during weddings, bridal parties and other family events.

We decided to help Monika Maciejewska. For meeting and individual advice, we persuaded a lawyer, co-owner of a company that deals, among other things, with debt collection.

– Honestly, the situation is not colorful. In this case, you can take advantage of the loan holidays offered by the legislator. You should also not get caught up in the offers of other banks and try to get a loan from another bank. If the offer is better, you should take it and not think twice. Perhaps it is worth considering renting an apartment and moving to a smaller area so that the rent covers the loan installment. It is also possible to sell real estate – says Dominik Ciecierski.

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