Easter eggs are getting more and more expensive.  We checked how much they cost in the market

As a starting point, I chose one of the nearby supermarkets. The price suggested by the grid will be the point of reversal and price direction. I go to the shelf with chicken eggs and cheap … I think it was already. The price of 10 eggs is PLN 10, and a pallet of 20 eggs costs at least PLN 18.

Armed with knowledge of market prices, I go to the nearby market called “Bazaar” in Starogard. I choose the booths where the people are most crowded. It is known that the seller has the cheapest or the best product. They meekly stand in line and I ask the woman in front of me what the price of Christmas is.

What should I do? I complain a bit that it’s expensive, but I would buy it anyway, because I have to. In the past, you could get a dozen eggs for 10 zlotys. Now it’s barely enough for ten days, but it’s only two days before Christmas, which I must regret I hear from the buyer.

Suddenly, her husband intervened and said that everything is getting more and more expensive now. They are known to have cheaper eggs in the supermarket, but we always come here to buy. When you cook up such a fresh rustic egg, you can almost feel this hen poking around in her heart. What about the market? They sit on top of each other. They can’t even see the light of day adds the man.

The rest of the article can be found below the video.

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Customers come to us after 50 km.

I wait a few minutes and it’s my turn. There is a secret question how many eggs In response, I hear that large blocks cost PLN 1.2, and medium ones 1 PLN, and quite small Polish zloty 0.9. The saleswoman sees that I’m “sniffing” and quickly explains why.

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