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Actor Also known as “Cachín”, he has a long history in the world of acting with shows like “Badaklon” and even starred in many films like “Asu Murray”!, Not to mention, the weird drama he did and the works of a man. He is one of the most beloved artists in Peruvian entertainment and his life has always been in the public interest.

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He was born on November 12, 1964, in the Mironz neighborhood of Cercado de Lima. His mother was Isabel Vilar. His primary education was at Santasima Trinidad Parish School, while his secondary education was at Hibilido Unanu National School.

The actor is classified as a person associated with the comedy industry and for many years he was recognized as popular “Machan”, In memory of the character he played on the show “Pataclon”.

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But not only how he has to act as an actor, ‘Asu Mare!

He is currently married Josie LindleyThey have been together for 27 years and their anniversary is February 11th. As a result of their romantic relationship, their children were born Gianfranco And Lorenzo.

How did the Carlos Alexa and Jossie Lindley meet take place?

In an interview with the host of the show “You Are All”, ‘Soka’ Montrose, actor He revealed details of how he met his wife today and all the things they have lived together for 27 years.

It was there that he recognized that she was the woman of his life and met him on the show Pataclon.

I met her through Pataclon. He was sitting in the doorway Pataclon In Barranco she would walk down the street in a dress because she was a contemporary dancer, at the time she was going to do a photo session working on the Uno group and I saw her coming with a short film. Dress and a black wig and wow! I said: Who is it? “It was then revealed.

Because his story is “love at first sight” – “Kachchan”– He was very surprised at the way she greeted him when they met again.

Both the actor and the dancer are very active on social networks and sometimes post pictures referring to special dates.

Happy anniversary, dare! 27 years together. I love you!Alcondara posted with a photo on one occasion.

But Lindley’s response was quick, and he shared a photo as well.

Today, 27 years together! Love the bulletproof through the thick and thinSaid the dancer.

But the actor will always be very affectionate and romantic with his wife, as can be seen from the first part “Asu Mare”, Where Alcondara He dedicated his deepest words to the mother of his children. “My wife taught me to create love without love and encouragement”, He revealed on one occasion.

Who is Jossie Lindley?

‘S wife She studied classical ballet and acrobatics at the British School of Dancing by Rosina and Sylvia Mல்லller.

He has been involved in the production of Grubo UNO: Lucho Penaherra and Danny Conashiro 1989 – 1993; Imaginary chronology; மகிமை; Size 45; Full Team: Directed by Oscar Naters; The Difficult Love (1994); Mirella Carbon; Night Crime (1996); Rapture (1999); Broken Plates (2004); Cecilia Boracino-Miraflorus 100% body ceremony in French alliance; And -third woman (2012).

“LA CASA DEL CARACOL”, starring Carlos Alexandra

“Snail House”, The first feature of the Andalusian novel director Magarena Astorka, with Spanish actors Javier Ray and Boss Vega, along with our comrades And Norma Martinez has released its official trailer.

“Snail House” It is a ghost thriller that seems to be full of confusing characters in a breathtaking situation. The film also stars little Luna Fulcencio (“Only One Father”).

Mark more Film debut of Ava Salajar. The young actress will be sharing scenes on the big screen for the first time with her mother Boss Vega And form a confusing pairing with Luna Fulkensio.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, The film has a screenplay by writer Sandra Garcia Nieto. “La Casa del Caracol” is the protagonist’s inaugural journey in which he flies over the secrets of a city that hides horrific crimes and encounters ghosts of the past and present.

“‘Snail House’ is not just a story for adults. It is a reflection of the shocks that sustain our destiny. Man’s ability to respond to facts that are difficult to understand. “Javier Ray concludes: “All the characters have their past, they all have something to hide. They make history of rich and complex personalities.”

The performance ended with many great actors like Spanish Pedro Casablanc, Elvira Mongoose or Vicente Vergara And bright young men like Jesus Carosa. Special collaboration with Fernando DeJero with them.

“La Casa del Carcol” is co-produced with Spanish production companies Esto and Pasa, Bofinger International Pictures and Basque Films, Mexico / US “Hippo Entertainment Group” and major regional companies such as Tandero. .


Writer Antonio Prieto decides to spend the summer in a city in the mountains of Malaga where he hopes to find peace and inspiration for his next novel. There he meets Bertha, who he feels an immediate attraction to, as well as some strange characters he begins to write and investigate.

Antonio begins to discover that the locals have many secrets and a confusing hidden legend. The fact that you live in those days will, at times, make you realize that the truth is more than just myths.

When Carlos Alexandra immigrated to Brazil

Actor Carlos Alcondara described the moment of despair when he was in Brazil and the government announced on March 15 that it would close the borders to prevent the spread of the corona virus (Govit-19) in our country.

Alcondara revealed that he was in Brazil with his wife and needed to return on a humanitarian flight. “Two days after we arrived in Brazil, we were unable to return and we found ourselves isolated,” the actor told the Encentidos show.

At the time, her only concern was returning to her 22-year-old son Lorenzo, who was suffering from autism. “He was staying with my mother-in-law. After three or four days of negotiations, we were able to board a humanitarian planeAlcondara continued.

“Asu mare!” He pointed out that the protagonist did not know how to return home due to lack of movement due to isolation when they arrived at the airport in Lima.

What Johanna San Michael said about her companies from Batticaloa

The actress who gives life to Milena in “I Will Find You Again” shared a photo that appeared on the aforementioned social network with Gonzalo Torres, Carlos Carlon, Carlos Alcondara, Wendy Ramos and Montserrat Brooke.

My little brothers of life“Yo Choi” also wrote the title of the publication for the jury, which clarifies what place his friends occupy not only in his life but also in his heart.

Johanna San Miguel’s post on Instagram has so far received over 48,400 “likes” and over 1,000 comments from her fans, recalling why “Battalion” was the most successful series in the 90s.

Seeing them at the end of the day is the best dose of joy … I love them. Be incredible. “, You can read next to the post.

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