A dozen residents of Saint-Hussein lost everything in a suspected fire of violence on Saturday.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen this, but it’s hard,” admits Mario Furiguard.

New bike, jewelry, a few hundred dollars: The 57-year-old is now empty.

The building where he lived on the corner of Ru Desalos and Boulevard Laframbois was completely destroyed by fire around 3 a.m. Saturday.

About fifty suppliers were dispatched to the scene as the fire was so intense.

The flames, which came to life early Saturday morning, can be seen in the corner of Ru Desalos and Boulevard Laframbois.

Photo Agency QMI, Adam Bolstridge

The flames, which came to life early Saturday morning, can be seen in the corner of Ru Desalos and Boulevard Laframbois.

“It was the firefighters who woke me up. There was so much buccaneer, at one point I ran out of breath. […] I don’t remember anything, ”said Mr. who lived on the second floor. Purecord.

Without insurance, he hopes he will rely on those around him to get his feet back.

“Mario, if you have any, call me”, a woman throws at him as he passes.

Tenants will also be cared for by the Red Cross and will stay in a hotel for three days before being relocated.

A fresh start

Louis Duval, who warned emergency services when he saw the flames, is trying to stay positive.

“We lost everything, but it wasn’t bad,” says the 59-year-old painter. I don’t really care about the stuff of the earth in my life because it makes sense. Everyone is there, no injuries, no deaths. “

On Saturday, when the fire broke out, he was the one who woke up Claude Boyceard, the house next to his.

“What happened is worth it,” he commented.

Suspicious or victimized?

In the column Magazine, Sarat to Quebec (SQ) started with a man who lived in a building that had been burned for weeks.

The scene took place a few meters away from the victims, not far from the burnt debris.

Outraged, some victims took the opportunity to swear to the person that he believed it was the cause of the tragedy.

SQ clarified that the person was not a suspect at the time.

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