Germany wants a European missile shield.  Why not join Poland?  It will set us back a few years.

Participation in this initiative from the point of view of the Armed Forces would set us back a few years, – Colonel Mikhail Marcinyak, deputy head of the Armaments Agency, said about the German idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe “European anti-aircraft and anti-missile shield”. The commissioner for building the integrated air and missile defense system noted that the participating countries have little or no air defense capabilities.

“Mała Narew” and CAMM missiles – traces of Polish-British cooperation [WIDEO]

Soldiers of the 18th anti-aircraft regiment received the first example of a short-range anti-aircraft kit as part of the “Little Naro” project ….

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In mid-October, at the initiative of Berlin, 15 countries signed a letter of intent at NATO headquarters On building a European anti-missile shield.

The letter of intent on the joint purchase of air defense systems was signed by Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Poland does not participate in the European Shield initiative

Poland and France did not sign the letter of intent. – We already have the whole system, only our partners are building this system – commented the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak.

This initiative was discussed by Colonel Mikhail Marcinyak, Deputy Head of the Armaments Agency, at the same time delegated to the Minister of National Defense for the construction of the integrated air and missile defense system.

Air defense is a component of the state security system and works to confront air and space threats. The basic elements of air defense are air power, ground defense, anti-aircraft and missile defense, as well as radio-electronic reconnaissance. Mention.

Narew’s first items before the holidays

The first elements of the British-made system that will allow the construction of the Polish Narew air defense system will go to our country …

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He added that the role of air and missile defense is primarily to protect population centers, vital infrastructure and military groups. Referring to the missile that fell in Przewodów, Marciniak said that from an operational point of view, the city was not covered by missile protection “unlike Rzeszów, which has multi-layered anti-aircraft and anti-missile protection”.

He pointed out Poland’s non-participation in the German initiative to build a joint air and missile defense system It is an initiative not authorized by NATO.”

He pointed out that this is an initiative aimed at building, establishing and implementing a feasibility study for building a joint air and missile defense for Europe.

He explained that at the current stage, the armed forces do not need to participate in this type of initiative because the process of building an integrated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense depends on the programs of Visla, Nario, Pelica and. Anti-aircraft defense of the ground forces was launched.

– Participation in this initiative from the point of view of the armed forcesH will set us back a few years. But we watch and encourage it. He pointed out that the countries participating in this initiative do not have or have minimal air defense capabilities.

He pointed out that Poland participates in the work of NATO teams related to anti-aircraft defense and missile defense. – We are a member of the NATO missile defense team and a member of the system that provides us with command and reconnaissance of air defense elements on the territory of NATO countries.

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