Came from elsewhere to treat us: A Cameroonian dreams come true after being recruited in Quebec

A Cameroonian currently undergoing rehabilitation in Val-d’Or is making a dream come true after being hired in Quebec to fill a nursing shortage.

Since her nursing studies in the late 2010s, Malika Jamil Ngembe Nullure wanted to immigrate to Canada. While a student, in 2011, immigration attorneys were invited to her class to speak about immigration and the benefits of nursing practice.

“With my husband, we tried to immigrate to Canada twice, but we were cheated,” says the 33-year-old nurse.

Time passes and gives the couple three children, and then the song of the sirens is heard again. After a year of formalities (job interviews, evaluation of diplomas, evaluation with the Quebec Nurses’ Order, study and work permits, visas, etc.), the time is right.

They say: ‘Abidibi chose you.’ “In Canada, I usually know Quebec, I know Montreal, but I don’t know ABDP,” he recalled, adding that despite the cold, he was charmed as soon as he stepped outside the plane.

Came from elsewhere to treat us: A Cameroonian dreams come true after being recruited in Quebec

Photo QMI Agency, Emily Parent-Bouchard

“They had already prepared everything in the apartment: a little welcome note, toys for the kids, napkins, kitchen utensils, sheets for the bedroom and everything. I was so stunned,” she says.

Busy schedule

Despite a busy schedule shared between classes during the week, she says she wants to stay after three years of mandatory training recognize their skills, working as a benefactor on weekends, looking after school and daycare and other family tasks. Especially since he found a small, tight-knit Cameroonian community in Val-d’Or.

“There is a Cameroonian grocery store next to CEGEP. There is also an association called Cameroon. They organize parties with children so they can have fun,” he says.

For his children

Malika Jamil Njembe Ngouleure wants her children’s education to be her “priority” above all else. “The teaching style, the teaching they choose, it makes my kids love school so much.”

She still leaves the door open for a return to Cameron. But not now.

“When we retire, when the children are older, ​​we will decide to go back and open a clinic with everything we learned here …”, she gives up.

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