Boris Johnson condemns Nicki Minaj's claims about vaccines

He explained his anti-Govt plans to the press. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was seen talking to rapper Nicki Minaj and his cousin friend about his claims about the impact of the vaccine on sperm, which was strongly condemned by the authorities.

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The unexpected question-and-answer session came on Tuesday, with the star revealing to his 22.6 million Twitter followers that he had not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 and had learned about the vaccine.

Nicki Minaj told the story of her cousin in Trinidad, who said her friend became impotent and her sperm swollen after being vaccinated.

According to experts interviewed by True test According to the AFP, there is no evidence for the effect of Govt vaccines on fertility or male genitals.

When asked about the matter at a press conference with Boris Johnson, the UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty immediately spoke out against the “myths” surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Many myths are coming around, some of which are clearly absurd,” he told a news conference. “Some […] Clearly intended to intimidate people. He is one of them. ”

Welcoming most people to ignore false information, Mr Witty slammed “those who spread lies”, adding that “they should be ashamed”.

Relaxed low, Boris Johnson, 57, said, “He is not well versed in the works of Nicki Minaj.[il] Probably should “.

The American rapper voiced Boris Johnson via Twitter, saying he was born in England with a British accent and went to college with Margaret Thatcher, who “told her a lot of good things.” About Mr. Johnson.

When asked about Nikki Minaj on Wednesday morning, Health Minister Sajid Javed called on the celebrities to be careful what they say.

Speaking about the “people who spread false information” on the Times Radio, Mr Javid said, “Obviously it doesn’t help.” When talking to celebrities, tell them, “Please don’t do this. You really hurt people because vaccines do the opposite by saving lives and spreading lies.

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