But is the moon alive?  A Chinese rover has detected unknown structures on its far side

Recently, a Russian probe crashed on the moon, but exploration of the silver sphere continues. Here’s a Chinese spacecraft that has mapped an area extending more than 300 meters deep inside Earth’s natural satellite, where hidden “structures” have been discovered deep in the surface of the far side of the moon.

For the first time, Chinese scientists have been able to visualize the upper layer covering more than 300 meters of the lunar surface. Thanks to their work and the results obtained, we can learn about a period in the history of the Earth’s natural satellite that was previously not available to our knowledge.

The first spacecraft on the far side of the Moon

Chang’e-4, the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the Moon (why not “dark” as it is sometimes colloquially referred to, as I explained here) in 2018, proved to be a successful mission. The Chinese rover has captured stunning images of impact craters on the lunar surface and collected samples of minerals from the lunar mantle. And now the probe has given its makers another reason to be proud.

Chang’e-4, named after a Chinese deity, depicts the moon’s outer layers about 330 meters thick, and the Earth on the far side of the globe.

The entire process is made possible by a technology called Lunar Penetrated Radar (LPR). It works by broadcasting radio signals deeper moon. how Explain Lead author of the study Jian Qingfeng, researcher in the formation of rocky orbs at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, USA:

After transmitting the signals, the spacecraft listens for the echoes returned to it. We want to use these echoes, which are radio waves that bounce off subterranean structures, to create a map of what lies beneath the lunar surface.

Three years ago, in 2020, scientists from China had already used the Chang’e-4 rover’s LPR to create maps of the upper 40 meters of the lunar surface. Now they have gone much deeper than that. From the data just obtained, the researchers concluded that the upper 40 meters of the lunar surface is composed of many layers of dust and crushed rock.

And all hidden in this crater, which was formed as a result of the impact of an asteroid on the moon. The aforementioned Dr. Feng, with the help of his research team, hypothesized that the debris surrounding the crater is ejecta, that is, debris that was created as a result of the impact. Deep in the moon, scientists have discovered five different layers of solidified lunar lava that flowed across its surface billions of years ago.

Moon date to fix?

Scientists believe the moon formed 4.51 billion years ago, shortly after the formation of the solar system itself. Then, most likely, the Earth was hit by a Mars-sized object, which led to the separation of a piece of our planet, from which the Moon was formed. Then it was bombarded with tons of space debris over a period of about 200 million years. As on Earth, and on the Moon, its mantle during this period contained subsurface reservoirs of molten material called magma that seeped through newly formed fissures in a series of volcanic eruptions, Dr Feng describes.

Recent data from the Chang’e-4 spacecraft show that the process stalled over time. Chinese researchers found that layers of volcanic rock became thinner the closer they got to the lunar surface. This indicates that later eruptions produced less lava than previous eruptions. The moon cooled slowly and lacked steam in the later volcanic stage. His energy diminished over time.

Today, volcanic activity on the moon is believed to have stopped about a billion years ago. However, it should be noted that evidence has been discovered indicating that even 100 million years ago the Moon was volcanically active. After all, today’s moon is often considered “geologically dead.” However, Dr Feng says there may still be magma deep beneath the surface of our satellite. This would be an extraordinary discovery that would turn upside down what we know about the Moon today. Will that happen? It all depends on the further research of the Chinese vehicle.

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