December 8, 2022


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Building materials prices continue to rise significantly.  You can't rely on cheap homes

Building materials prices continue to rise significantly. You can’t rely on cheap homes

Bad news for people home builders or prepare for renewal apartments. The latest report of the PSB Handel Group makes it clear Building materials rose in all 20 product groups. In annual terms, their prices are up an average of 24 percent. every year.

Building materials prices continue to rise

Which goods the most expensive? The report states that For OSB plates, we pay 63 percent more for thermal insulation – by 57 percent. More, and for dry construction – by 42 percent.

The report also lists roofs and gutters, which are 24 percent more expensive. Or materials from the group of walls and chimneys – 23 percent more expensive. 19 percent we pay more for fixtures and heating, and 17 percent. – For waterproofing. 16 percent more expensive materials from the garden and hobby range.

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Also the most expensive: woodwork (16%), finishes, tools set, as well as tile, bathroom, kitchen and perimeter set (14% each), lighting and electrical (13%), and household appliances (11%).

The smallest increase in prices was recorded in the case of products such as building chemicals, paints and varnishes, automobiles (10%), decorations and cement and lime group (7% each).


Over the course of the year, prices have risen by more than an eighth

And the situation will not improve with the fact that the Poles still want to renovate their apartments. Renovation is planned every second of usThis means continued demand for goods and higher prices.