November 27, 2022


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Sebastien was featured in Daily Indéfendable on Teleorm TVA

Sebastien was featured in Daily Indéfendable on Teleorm TVA

Sebastien Delorme will be the star of the daily news Insecure, Which will air on TVA next fall.

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The channel has been trying to broadcast daily fiction for years, and Pixcom, in conjunction with Quebecore content, produced this new forensic series based on the original idea of ​​criminal lawyer Richard Dube.

Designer and producer Isabel Xavier is co-directing the project with lead writer Nadine Bismuth, who is leading the cast of editors as she has already done with Pixcom in the series. Warnings, Also aired on TVA.

For now, the number of episodes, the time slot and the rest of the castInsecure Not yet announced.

However, the series will air Monday through Thursday. In a few weeks, we will find out who’s around Leo McDonald (Sébastien Delorme), a lawyer at the Lapointe-MacDonald law firm.

Sebastien Dolorm is well versed in the dynamics of daily life after playing five seasons. District 31, Describes his character as a “glamorous” guy.

“She is a great lawyer. […] He is a Gambler, But at the same time, he’s never going to lie, ”said the comedian, who has 16 episodes on hand to begin suppressing his character.

Pixcom executive producer Charles LaFertheun believes this daily.

“It’s a project that has worked for many years. M Richard Dube is one of Quebec’s greatest criminal lawyers. Regular killers We did it for Club Illigo. He and Isabel wanted to make a series of lawsuits on behalf of the defense. In general, the legal series is the crown, we want to protect widows and orphans, and it is very interesting to me that they bring this project. You rarely see it on TV, ”he said.

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In Insecure, The observer will find himself in the role of jury, which must determine the truth and falsehood.

“You have to go beyond appearances and, often, look for the real story behind it. You have the vision of the accused, the victim, the witnesses, the jury, where you have to prove your point of view with evidence,” Sebastien Dolorm said.