Anthony Pawlicki lost his hair because of the movie "Jerke"!  In the series "Mesinas Porada" he had to wear the audacity!  Shocking transformation!

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Anthony Pawliky shaved his hair over his head for the movie “Jerke” in which he played General Jaruzelski! In the series “Micinas Porada” he had to wear the nerve covering his baldness. Can you see he was wearing hair extensions?

Anthony Pawelecki lost his hair to ‘Gierek’ – shaved hair, nerves, and hair extensions

Anthony Pawelecki Polsat had to undergo a shocking transformation to the TV series “Mecenas Porada”! The actor plays one of the main roles alongside Alexandra Dominska. He plays the role of Aleksandr Wirzykowski, a Doctor of Laws from a famous law firm.

In the course of filming the series Anthony Paulecki had to wear a nerve to rejuvenate his hair after shaving his head above his forehead in the movie ‘Gierek’.

Anthony Paulecki as Jaruzelski in the movie "jerk"

The actor shaved his hair above his head because he played General Jaruzelsky in the movie “Jerik”. On the set of the series “Mesinas Porada” His baldness was covered up. Hairstylist, Marek Brzyzinski, revealed the scenes of Anthony Pawlik’s makeup for the role on the series “Patron”. Bryczyńki designed the elegant cheek of Shepherd Aleksander Wyrzykowski from the “Patron” series.

Antik Paoliki is my friend from high school. We’ve been passing each other’s productions for years, he represents and characterizes, so this series is a reunion for us after many years

– He said in an interview with Polsat.

The hairdresser gave him some tension.

For the first attempts at makeup, Anthony came up with a hoodie and said, “No, Mariki, you’re going to do hard work with me,” then took off his hat, revealing his shaved head to General Jaruzelski’s character from Jerick. It obviously sounded terrible, but such tasks are my specialty!

Anthony Pawlecki’s Hairstyle Transformation in Messinas Porada

The hairstylist revealed that he was inspired by George Clooney and his lush hairstyle when he created the guts for the Shepherd character!

elegant patron? I immediately saw George Clooney. She designed a cheek with a distinctive “gray” tuft on the forehead, which hides baldness, and the rest of the hair that grows back has been transformed into a classic barber’s look. This is how the Alexander series was created, and I proved to my colleagues that I am better at my profession than at physics lessons. 🙂

The make-up artists of the series faced a real challenge. Dominika Renes, head of makeup for the “Mecenas Porada” series, told us about the details in the press materials sent to our editorial office.

The characterization of Antek Pawlicki who played the shepherd Aleksander Wyrzykowski was interesting due to the actor’s circumstances after the previous role. Antik had his head shaved, so it was necessary to design a nerve to cover his bald head, which made it possible to slightly change the appearance of the actor and create the image of a shepherd. The hair in the guts is longer and has a characteristic gray tuft, such qualities make it easier for the actor to play the role and change the appearance is certainly exciting. Antique makeup took about 30 minutes to get on his nerves.

But that’s not all when it comes to characterizing the actor! Dominika Renes revealed that the biggest problems started when Pawlicki’s hair started growing back.

The biggest difficulty was the actor’s hair growing back, because we stuck with the sequel and couldn’t let our nerves down even in the fourth month of filming. At the time, Antique’s hair was too short to go on, but there were so many of them that it was very difficult to hide it under the nerve. Antique patiently endured all the inconveniences associated with wearing a nerve, and working with him in the make-up room was a pure pleasure.

Premiere of the series “Mesinas Porada” on March 2nd in Polsat. The series will be available on Wednesday at 20:05.

What does Alexander Wirzykovsky and his hair look like? See the pictures of Anthony Pawelecki with his nerves in the gallery!

Source: Polsat press materials

Anthony Pawlicki lost his hair because of the movie “Jerke”! In the series “Mesinas Porada” he had to wear the audacity! Watch the exhibition!

Source: AKPA

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