February 4, 2023


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Kathy Gauthier Celebrates Her 45th Birthday!

Kathy Gauthier Celebrates Her 45th Birthday!

Kathy Gauthier Celebrated his 45th birthday on February 25th! The comedian shared a photo he took on vacation a few weeks ago, with a great message in the title.

I’m 45 today! When I look at where I started and where I am now, I proudly agree about my journey. I know the next few years will be even more exciting and rewarding. I am starting a new chapter in my life. I am surrounded by wonderful friends, the greatest gift life has ever given me. My new mantra: Anger and pain did not let my emotions color. Be big and strong. Hello! Photo taken in Barbados in early February, I lived there for a few months. I’m back in Quebec now and in better shape than I was before starting my new tour: Classic “, Read in the publication.

I’m starting a new chapter in my life. “

Note that last November, our favorite comedian announced that he was coming back A new girl show Entitled செந்தரம்!, And we are so excited to attend! This new show marks his fourth career, and it promises not to leave anyone indifferent!

After an extraordinary year, the beautiful blonde from Abidibi lands on the boards of a theater near you, and she breaks everything with her unfiltered humor!

Ready to give an unforgettable evening to visitors from all four corners of the province, he began his new tour last October. He is expected to deliver his Montreal premiere on April 5 at L’Olimia, before returning to Quebec City on April 27 in Sal பெருநக Albert-Rousseau on April 27. “.

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Co-presented with Encore Spectacle, the comedian promises to delight fans and definitely win new ones! The public will find everything that made Kathy Gauthier famous and successful in this new One-Woman Show: the power of thunder, combined with humor and unfiltered! Everything suggests that this solo song will become a milestone in the artist’s life and why not … a classic!

We count on sleeping before the Montreal premiere and, above all, happy birthday to Kathy Gauthier.