Britney Spears' father resigns as caretaker

Britney Spears’ father has agreed to give up his 13-year-old defender for the American singer, who is now launching a legal attack on his personal affairs and finances.

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His lawyers say Jamie Spears is “ready to move smoothly into a new defense with the court and his daughter’s new lawyer.”

It was a huge success for the 39-year-old pop star and a turning point for anyone who initially said they would challenge the legal process started by Britney Spears to snatch this controversial defender.

The move puts her father in complete control of her finances since 2008, when the singer raised concerns about her mental health after being well publicized in hell.

“Is there a guardian change now in Ms Spears’ best interests?” This is very debatable, ”his father’s lawyers wrote in their document.

“Nevertheless, although Mr. Spears is the target of relentless and unnecessary attacks, he does not think a public war with his daughter is in the best interest of the singer’s interest,” he added, adding that he is expected to leave the role without saying when.

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Mr Spears said his security team wanted to “resolve pending issues” such as the latest accounting report.

“When these issues are resolved, Mr. Spears can resign,” the documents said. “But there are no circumstances that would justify Mr Spears’ immediate suspension.”

Britney Spears’ attorney, Matthew Rosencard, welcomed the announcement in a statement.

“We are pleased that Mr. Spears and his attorney agreed in a legal document today that it should be withdrawn. Justice is being served on Britney,” he said.

“Free Britney”

But as a sign that the family and money affair is not over, the attorney “promised to continue our serious investigation into the behavior of Mr. Spears and others over the past 13 years. He raised millions of dollars in his daughter’s possessions.”

Moreover, according to his father and a former lawyer, he says he was “disappointed” by the shameful and reprehensible attacks being carried out against Ms Spears and others.

Jamie Spears has defended his character in recent years.

“If people knew all the facts of Mrs. Spears’ personal life, they would praise Mr. Spears not only for the ups and downs, for all the mental health and addiction issues that affected her, and for all the challenges of safety. The work he did, they would not humiliate him,” the documents read.

For years, an army of fans has been campaigning on social media (but sometimes on the street with rallies) to “free” the singer, cutting off every gesture and calling for help.

The translator of “Toxic” and “… Baby One More Time” was asked to raise a guard in Los Angeles court this summer, calling it “abuse.”

At the end of June, the singer said in court that she was “shocked” and “depressed.”

She spoke very fast for about twenty minutes without interruption, assuring her that she would have to take medication to control her behavior, that she would not have the authority to make decisions regarding her friendship or her finances, and that she could not. An IUD was removed when she wanted to have more children.

“I want to get my life back. It’s been thirteen years, and that’s enough,” she pleaded.

The new trial is set for September 29.

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