“No one is strong” against Kargule and Pavlak.  50 years of famous Polish comedy

  • Fans of the heroes of the comedy “Sami Soy” have been waiting for seven years for Kargule and Pavlak to appear on the big screen again
  • The plot of “No Strong” focused on the search for a husband for 18-year-old Ania Pawlaczka. This role was played by Anna Demna
  • The second part of the film “Themselves” took 13th place in the rating of Polish films with the largest number of viewers
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May 28, 1974 p. The film “Nie ma Mocych” by Sylwester Chęciński appeared on the screens of Polish cinema. It was a continuation of the fate of the heroes of the comedy “Sami swoi” that won the hearts of Poles seven years ago. The focus of the plot of the new version of the story was the search for a suitable husband for Kargul and Pavlak’s 18-year-old granddaughter. There were also threads of eternal conflict between generations and successful propaganda launched by the Polish Republic: mechanization of villages, secularization of the younger generation, agreement between peasants and local authorities.

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