Departure from Radio-Canada: Pascal Nato gives a version of his facts

Pascal Nadev Did not retire. In an open letter published in The sun, The former chairman of the Téljournal weekend, cites reasons for leaving Radio-Canada after being suspended last winter.

“I don’t think I will end my life so quickly, I still have many good years, and I am not sure I will end this through the back door,” he writes.

Pascal Nado says in his letter that a year ago, Radio-Canada received an anonymous denunciation against him. A denunciation he describes as “a set of false accusations or quoted outside the context”. A “humiliating, painful and painful” investigation continued.

According to him, the results of the report speak of unsubstantiated or somewhat established allegations.

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Until the case is brought to arbitration and made public, the experienced journalist remains silent.

In her open letter, Pascal Nado indicates that she did not swim in full understanding and talks about a total “moral trend” on Radio-Canada.

“How can I come to this humiliating and unjustified permission of my 38-year-old life in so many newsrooms, without any drop in my record, without any warning from my bosses?” A native of Radio-Canada in 1988 is surprised after the presentation of the TQS bulletin in Montreal.

“I’m not perfect,” she continues. I have temperament and it can happen to me as moments of patience. I am a complete, outspoken, passionate, honest and sincere person. With me, we always have the right time. Then, I hate injustice and lies. However, this is what I encountered. “

Earlier this month, Radio-Canada announced that Pascal Nadev, who had not been on the radio for several months, had “recently informed the Information Administration” that it wanted to “retire this fall”.

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