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Russian aggression against Ukraine began in 2014. On February 27, unmarked military formations stormed the parliament and government buildings of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Simferopol, after which they raised Russian flags. Vladimir Putin claimed that they were not his soldiers, but local paramilitary groups. Now, on Sunday (March 19) in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. put it inbroadcast on Russia 1, he admitted that his country was not ready at that time for a “special operation”, that is, a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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Colonel Dukasiewicz: The use of nuclear weapons is very unlikely

Vladimir Putin: Now and a record harvest, banks are working, weapons are working …

Vladimir Putin, in response to journalist Pavel Zarubin’s question, why Russia did not launch a “special military operation” in 2014 [czyli pełnowymiarowej inwazji – red.]He stressed that the current situation in Ukraine should not be linked to the conflict in Donbass. – As for the Donbass, we hoped that we would be able to resolve this issue peacefully [zostało tam zabitych tysiące Ukraińców – red.]. But as it turns out now, we see it, simply being led by the nose. All of our so-called Ukraine partners prepared for military operations. Ukraine launched two large-scale military operations using heavy equipment, artillery and aviation – quotes the lying Russian president RIA Novosti .

At the same time, the dictator stressed that Russia in 2014 was not ready for “some serious measures.” Then he drew up a list of areas that the Kremlin had consolidated over the course of eight years. – We now have (…) record crops in agriculture, more than 150 million tons of grain, and even 155 million tons. (…) then [w 2014 r. – red.] Putin said. “The Russian authorities have also succeeded in strengthening the import and financial system,” he added. – Despite the enemy’s predictions, nothing has broken, everything is working. The (bank) cards are working, the financial system is working, and the banks are building their capabilities. “What will happen in 2014 is very difficult to predict,” Putin said. “In addition, Russia has developed its military technology and developed hypersonic weapons over the course of eight years,” Putin concluded.

Dmitry Medvedev threatens the judges of the International Criminal Court. “Look carefully at the sky.”

The “little green men” annexed the Crimea

Russia has always maintained that its soldiers and weapons are not in Crimea. Ironically, the Ukrainians stated that the attackers appeared to have come from outer space. They began to call them “green men”.

On March 18, 2014, the Russian President announced that Crimea had been annexed to Russia. Thus, Vladimir Putin broke the rules, treaties, and agreements related to the sovereignty of states and the sanctity of borders that allowed maintaining peace in Europe since World War II. The West and Ukraine considered the annexation illegal. Over the next few days, the Russians announced the creation of two self-proclaimed people’s republics: Donetsk and Luhansk.

In January 2023, the European Court of Human Rights confirmed that Russian forces had been present in eastern Ukraine since April 2014, with a large-scale deployment beginning in August 2014.

Vladimir Putin was supposed to speak to residents of one of the blocks in MariupolVladimir Putin walked around the Crimea, and in Mariupol he looked at the apartments

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