Tragedy during baptism.  The Russian woman disappeared in front of the children

“Baptism of the Lord” is a popular rite in the Orthodox Church. It involves bathing in an ice hole, often carved out of a river. According to local beliefs, such a bath is supposed to ensure cleansing from sins.

However, as it turned out, for one of the women, this was the last bath of her life. During this concert, which was held in the Leningrad region of Russia, a huge tragedy occurred.

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While celebrating the Baptism of the Lord, a 40-year-old Russian woman jumped into an ice hole carved into the Oredezh River. According to the video posted online, before the jump, she made the sign of the cross and then decided to dive into the water.

Fatal jump. The woman cannot be saved

Unfortunately, the jump was so unfortunate that the woman fell through the ice. Moreover, the current of the Oredig River was so strong that the water carried the woman away. Although the men standing nearby rushed to help after only a few seconds, it was too late to respond effectively.

As it turns out, the hole into which the 40-year-old woman jumped was not properly secured. It is also worth noting that nearby there was a place designated for the “Baptism of the Lord” supervised by the police and emergency services. However, no one knows why the woman decided to use the unsecured ice hole.

The tragic accident was witnessed by the children of the deceased Russian woman. There are also many indications that the woman's body will not be found. The divers took quick action, but in such difficult conditions the search ended in failure.

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