Black Mirror Season 6 – When will it premiere?  There is a date and humor.  But great cast!

If you forgot Black Mirror, Netflix has a surprise for you. Season 6 of the series is ready and has an approximate release date of June 2023. Moreover, the first trailer has been released, confirming that the cast will be stellar once again.

Black Mirror Season 6 – When will it premiere? There is an appointment and a trailer

“The wait is over. The guesswork is over,” Netflix reads in the ad, warning viewers that “the most disturbing, unusual and unpredictable season” of the hit series is ahead, one that has been scaring us with stories in one form or another related to new technologies for more than a decade. . The trailer does not specify the number of episodes (more recently, three episodes per season were the norm), but it allows you to get to know the actors in more detail.

The film stars Salma Hayek, as well as Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”), Kate Mara (“House of Cards”), Zazie Beetz (“Atlanta”), Ben Barnes (“Shadow and Bone”) and Rory Culkin (“Under the Banner of Heaven”). ). , Paapa Essiedu (“I May Destroy You”), Rob Delaney (“Catastrophe”), Josh Hartnett (“Penny Dreadful”), Daniel Portman (“Game of Thrones”), Danny Ramirez (“Falcon and The Winter Soldier”), Clara Rugaard (“Still Star-Stitched”), Himesh Patel (“Terminal Eleven”), Michael Cera (“Arrested Development”), Auden Thornton (“This Is Us”), Annie Murphy (“Schitt’s”) Creek”)”) and Anjana Vasan (“We Lady Parts”).

Paul had made a brief appearance in “Black Mirror” Season 4 in the episode “USS Callister,” but we only heard his voice. We now see him on board what looks like a spaceship, so we can assume that a sequel is being prepared. Salma Hayek’s costume may suggest that she is in the same episode.

“I’ve always felt that Black Mirror should tell very different stories from each other and surprise people – and me – because otherwise what’s the point? Charlie Brooker, creator of the series, said in his post. statement.

Charlie Brooker also assured fans that Season 6 of Black Mirror won’t run out of new, fresh stuff, and even “base premise changes.”

Partly as a challenge and partly to keep things fresh for myself and the viewer, I’ve started this season intentionally by changing some of my basic assumptions about what to expect. As a result, this time around, along with the more popular Black Mirror themes, we also have some new ones – including Some elements that I previously swore the show would never do — to extend the theme parameters of a Black Mirror episode.” Not at all. All stories in terms of tone are still Black Mirror through and through, but with some crazy twists and more variety than ever before.

As the creator of “Black Mirror” added, he can’t wait for people to see what he’s prepared and like — “especially the parts that shouldn’t be.”

Season 6 of Black Mirror premieres this June on Netflix

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