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Ewa Kasperczyk replaced another actress in "365 Days: This Day".  We know why

Ewa Kasperczyk replaced another actress in “365 Days: This Day”. We know why

in the movie”365 days“Based on the book Blanca Lipinska In the main character’s mother, Laura (Anna Maria Cicluca), embodied Grażyna Szapołowska. In continuation to that it was decided to make a change and we can watch on screen Iowa Kaspersky. – I like emotional movies. Since I agreed to play in such a production, it means that somewhere I give permission to do so. I suspect In a country like Poland, especially now, with such a political choice, this film is very brave – said the actress in an interview with Al Thuraya. – I’m broken because of All my bed scenes have been cut – She added half a joke, half seriously, referring to the many exciting shots that the movie is not lacking on the Netflix platform”365 days: like this day“.

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This is why Ewa Kasperczyk played in 365 Days: This Day.

Ewa Kasperzyk confirmed that “365 Days” is a well-known movie all over the world, as evidenced by a conversation she had with a friend from abroad. – I never seriously considered playing productions like thish, but two years ago, when I was in Africa, I showed my friend the show and he said, ‘Listen, this is one of the most famous American songs,’ If it agrees with your salary and your bills, take it. And there was nothing left for me to do but take it – she said.

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The actress also referred to her role and the change in the cast. As it turned out, Blanca Lipinska could have had a decisive say in choosing an actress for the role of Laura’s mother. It should be noted that the main character of the book on the basis of which the film was made has many features in common with the author of the story.

– She betrayed.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Ewa Kasperzyk, Mogorzata Lipinska

Being Laura’s mother, Ewa Kasprzyk plays Massimo’s mother-in-law. She revealed that she did well on the set with the person impersonating him Michel Moroni. – I have a very strong scene with Massimo, very emotional, in a beautiful place – she pointed out. She also commented on the undoubted advantage of the film in which she participated. – What can you appreciate for this movie? For beautiful pictures. You may not necessarily bite into and feel this content.

The actress noticed.

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