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Piotr Żyła jumped very well, 136 metres. He has approximately 5 compensation points and good marks. Pole driving with AIGNER!

Raymond is 135.5 meters tall. High wind compensation gave him second place.

139.5 meters from AIGNER! The Austrian is the new leader with 282.5 points.

Kobayashi is 135.5 metres. The longest jump was in the second series, but the Japanese had better conditions than his rivals, which is why he took third place.

Not for long, because Gellar instantly overtakes him. Slovenian jumped 135 meters.

Schmid’s 132.5m gives him the lead.

Johansson jumps similarly, losing to the German by 0.1 points.

130 m Wellinger. Germany is now in second place.

130 m Wellinger. Germany is now in second place.

Tschofenig’s 131.5m gives him the lead in the competition.

Geiger quickly replaces him. The German jumped 126 meters.

Tande is now in second place with a jump of 126.5 metres.

127.5 meters Leitner. It’s the second.

The leader is Koss, after a jump of 133 metres.

We start the second series.

Granerud made another big leap.

Video: Eurosport Graneruda’s first-string jump to competition in Bischofshofen

David Kobacki jumped very well.

Video: Eurosport Kubacki’s jump from the first series to the competition in Bischofshofen

Kamil Stoch could be content with his next successful attempt this season.

Video: Eurosport Stoch jumped from the first series to compete in Bischofshofen

Granerud was first, followed by Lanisek and Kubacki third. Stoch is the sixth, and ya the twelfth. The remaining Poles withdrew from the competition.

Source: Eurosport Results of the first round of the competition in Bischofshofen

Granerud is not slowing down. The Norwegian jumped 139.5 meters and scored a total score of 157.1. Granerud won the first string and the golden eagle would likely go to him.

David Kobacki vs. Jan Habdas. Our team leader reached 135.5m and had high marks for style. It’s in second place. I did well! On the other hand, the 19-year-old did not attend. He had a great take-off speed, but with a tailwind he only reached 121.5 meters.

Big Leap by Laniska. The Slovenian reached 140.5 meters from the 10th starting bar. We have a new leader with 156 points.

Camille Stotch vs. Clemis Leitner. The Austrian landed at an altitude of 130 meters. Our master answered perfectly. He jumped 138 meters and had great marks in technique. Stoch is in third place, 3.3 points behind the leader.

Hayboeck this time achieved a 138.5m bottom drop. He’s behind his friend Kraft’s back. by 0.3 p. Third Austrian – Hoerl.

Beam down ahead of the top five of the rankings.

141 meters from Kraft! The Austrian slid perfectly. We have a new leader with 152.1 points. The 130-meter Sundal can lead uphill.

Successful jump from Piotr Żyła.

Video: Eurosport A jump in the veins of the first series to compete in Bischofshofen

Peter Brevc does a great job at Bischofshofen. He jumped again far here – 134.5 meters. It’s the second. Kytosaho came out.

Stefan Hola vs. Ryo Kobayashi. 125 meters from the pole could not surprise the Japanese. Kobayashi jumped 134.5 meters and was visibly happy.

Aigner’s highly successful attempt – 136.5 metres. Nikaido jumped over 10 meters and got out.

Yukiga Sato jumped first from the duo and did very well in his final result. He got 131 metres. His opponent, Gellar, was three meters better and won. However, it is likely that we will see the Japanese in the second series.

Hoerl, Fettner and Zajc are still ahead.

Nice jump from Piotr Żyła. 133.5 meters was achieved by a pole. Moreover, more than 12 wind compensation points have been added. It is currently ranked fifth. He competed successfully with Domen Prevc (123.5m).

Zajac vs Dean. The Slovenian won easily. He jumped 135.5 meters and was the third.

It was a German duel. Schmid was 133 meters tall and easily beat Bashki.

Wittner jumped hard. He covered 134.5 meters. It will be the second overall. Fannemel scored 128.5 and is third among losers. He has to wait.

134.5 meters Forfang. The Norwegian jumped to fourth place. The loser this time was the Turkish Ibcioglu.

Tandy vs. Achenwald. 131 meters Norwegian and 132 meters Austrian. Aschenwald won the tenth! However, Tande still has a chance to advance.

We know Wąska will not be in the competition.

The 22-year-old German, Raymond, showed that he is in great shape. He jumped 136 meters and was the third. Kazakh Vasiliev has no chance.

So far the leader of the competition is Hoerl, the second is Lindvik and the third is Johansson.

Johansson beat Bresadola with great confidence. The Norwegian reached 133.5 meters.

It was an even fight. Aalto 129m, Kosa 130m … The Slovenian won by 0.8 points.

German Eisenbichler jumped 130 meters and had the right to believe that he would win. However, Austrian Tschofenig slid 2.5 meters and is better. Eisenbichler still has a chance to advance.

Jan Hoerl vs. Pawel Wasek. It was not easy for the North Pole, because the Austrian has flown farther than that. He reached 135.5 metres, and his marks were high. 123.5 meters Wąska is unlikely to give him success today.

127.5m from the young Austrian Ortner gave him the promotion. The much more experienced Leyhe lost with a score of 123 metres.

Deschwanden is better than Aigro. The Swiss jumped 124 meters and the Estonian 121.5 meters.

Wellinger confidently defeated Naoki Nakamura. 131.5 meters Olympic champion.

His rival, Carl Geiger, was a little slower, at 131.5 metres. The German lost in this pairing, but may still advance as a “lucky loser”.

Lindvik first reached 134.5 metres.

We started competing in Bischofshofen.

We will see such pairs today in the first series of the competition.

Through the eyes of a professional and jumping legend.

Video: Eurosport Weissflog before the competition in Bischofshofen

There are still several minutes left until the start of the final competition in the Four Hills Tournament. Here are the numerical curiosities related to the object. Paul Oserleitner.

Video: Eurosport Merk and Formela before the competition in Bischofshofen

From 15.30 the studio starts on Eurosport 1, and at 16 it will also start on TVN. We invite!

And what about the poles places? 4. Stukh, 6. ya, 16. Kubacki, 29. Wsek, 43. Hula, 46. Habdas.

Granerud, Lanisek, Kraft – this is what the Test Series platform looks like.

Halvor Egner Granerud ended the series with a Test. The leader of the 4-Hills-Tournament in good shape triumphed with a jump of 140.5 meters. Only the Norwegian scored 100 points, 101 to be exact.

Kobaki’s attempt also failed, he jumped 129 meters and was only 15 years old. Let’s hope it was just an accident at work.

Jan wasn’t impressed – 115m puts him a distant 43rd.

Now the leaps of Jan Habdas and David Kobacki, a foreshadowing of their competition rivalry.

Great 141 AD Anże Laniska! Slovenian, of course, the new leader. 6.8 points ahead of Kraft.

Another successful attempt by the Pole. Kamil Stoch jumps as much as Kraft, who lost to the Austrian by 0.8 points.

Austrian citizen Michael Haibock jumps to second place. 133.5 m – this distance.

Stefan Kraft’s longest jump in a test series so far! The Austrian jumped 136.5 meters and took the lead. Vein leads by 3.2 points.

Very nice try by Peter Breivc. However, 132.5 meters does not translate into a high place for the Slovenian, being tenth.

Another weak jump was made by Stefan Żyła. This time it rose to 117.5 m and 30.

Already back 133 meters for the fourth time during the test series. Austrian Clemens Aigner came second. Loses by ya by 1.5 points.

Zajc did not enjoy the lead for long. And now the second pole, Piotr Sica, jumped 133 meters and was 1.8 points ahead of the Slovenian. I did well!

Lead change. Timi Zajc jumped 130.5m, and that was enough to overtake Wellinger by 0.7 points.

The third place goes to the German Konstantin Schmid, who jumped exactly 130m.

Andreas Wellinger and Lovro Koss landed the furthest yet – both reached 133 metres, with the German leading by 0.3 points over the Slovenian.

Pawe Wąsek was the first Pole to introduce himself in the Trial series. He jumped 127m and now he’s 14.

At 15:00 the test series begins. We will see six poles in it. Then a fight in a KO contest.

Video: Eurosport Stoch after qualifying to compete in Bischofshofen

Video: Kacper Merk / Fakty TVN 01/05/2023 | David Kobacki will jump with Jan Habdas at Bischofshofen

Kubacki’s chances of a final victory do not seem great, because losing to the Norwegian is great, but on the other hand, Kubacki’s advantage is that he feels good in Bischofshofen and is the record holder in ski jumping hill. Paul Oserleitner. In 2019, he jumped 145 meters here. He also won the competition in this Austrian city in 2020, when he triumphed in the entire Four Hills Championship. It was his second career win. Currently, he has already won 10 World Cup competitions. He’s had five of them this season.

Kubacki will definitely fight hard, but even if he fails, he still has reasons to celebrate.

After three competitions, TCS Granerud has a score of 877.8 points. Vice leader Kubacki loses 23.4 points to him. The next places are taken by Slovene Anze Lanisek, Piotr Żyła and Kamil Stoch.

good morning! The final competition of Four Hills 71 is ahead. Great vibes guaranteed. Dawid Kubacki will try to catch up with Halvor Egner Granerud.

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