Went on foot to the World Cup in Qatar.  He lost his hearing after him.. football

In January, Santiago Sanchez Cagedor decided to start an extraordinary journey from the Spanish city of Alcala de Henares. He traveled across dozens of countries, wanted to go to the Qatari city of Doha and watch upcoming events live World Championship. The Road world Cup reported via Instagram.

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He does not know what happens to the Spanish traveler. He lost his hearing afterwards

Santiago Sanchez Cogador is a former paratrooper who decided to make a name for himself for hiking until the World Cup in Qatar. His goal was to travel 7000 kilometers On foot the trip was surprisingly good. On October 1, the 40-year-old was already in Iraq, which he reported to him via Instagram. Cogedor was about to cross the border Between Iraq and Iran, but no further reports of migration emerged.

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To this day, it is not known what is happening with Santiago Sanchez Cagedor, who not only appears on social media, but also disappeared from the radars of family and friends. The Spaniard shared the location where he is with his friends every day, but the last time he did so was on October 2nd with the father. hour 12:30. Since then, no one knows what is happening to the 40-year-old, and in an interview with a friend of the “El Mundo” family, Miguel Bergado admitted that the disappearance may be related to the political situation in Iran. Bergado suspects that Kojedor has been taken into custody by the services and placed under arrest on the grounds that he is a foreigner in Iran.

The Spanish Embassy in Iran is coordinating search efforts and discussing finding “Cogedor” with the Iranian authorities.

In a recent Instagram post, Cogedor reported that it is only separated from Iran by a mountain crossing.

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