Amazing battle of PGE Skra Belchatow.  They were close to the final

PAP/Marian Zubrzycki/Pictured: Aleksandar Atanasijević strikes

Dominica Pawlik

PGE Skra Bełchatów and Valsa Group Modena played an amazing semi-final match. The guests needed two sets to advance and snatched them from the tenth Plusliga team.

The fight for the CEV Cup final gathered a whole host of fans in the Energia Hall. It’s been a while since stars like Bruno Rezende or Earvin Ngapeth have been in this facility. To date, the most important European cup matches have been held in Łódź, at the Atlas Arena. However, this season in Skra is the worst in years, and it is not known if the team will even play in the playoff stage of the Plusliga.

Important decisions followed. After the match against Modena, the club will say goodbye to Konrad Petchoki, who has been president of the club for 24 years. During his tenure PGE Skra won 32 medals and trophies. There were touching scenes before the meeting began. Pichuki was thanked by the club’s staff, players and fans.

In the first match, Modena won 3:1, so in Bełchat they only had to score a point to advance to the final. However, the beginning of the meeting did not go as planned by the visitors. Aleksandr Atanasijević was crazy in the service area, and Dawid Junia was vigilant in the middle of the net, who was given a difficult task. He had to replace the sick Mateusz Pieczek.

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The advantage of PGE Skra from the very beginning of the group began to fade. The Italians sensed Grzegorz Łomacz’s intentions well and built a tight block. The finish, however, again belongs to the Polish team, and the event at 23:20 reminded PGE Skra of the best years.

After changing sides, Karol Kłos, who had not been very visible until now, announced himself, getting even more excited by cheering the fans on. Valsa Group Modena tried to keep an eye on the result, but the initiative was on the side of the tenth Plusliga team. By that time, the guests took the lead for the first time in the match (16:15) and came to life. Fifteen minutes later, they tied.

The team led by Andrea Gianni followed suit. He quickly gained both advantages, but Bełchatów’s team did not lay down their arms. They fought for every ball just as if it were their last. The fans in the stands witnessed a wonderful spectacle. On the one hand, the amazing Ngapeth, and on the other, a band that throws it all on the line.

Dick Koy and Alexander Atanasijevic, who accompanied him, gave their best, flying over the opponent’s barrier and unexpectedly snatching the second set, preserving their chances of advancing. These were quickly dispelled by the Modena team. The Italian team bet on serving and breaking PGE Skra with this item.

The tie-break was not important for the fate of the meeting, because the guests, having won in two sets, guaranteed themselves a match in the final. Both teams made substitutions. The best were the volleyball players from Modena.

PGE Skra Belchatow – Valsa Group Modena 2:3 (25:22, 21:25, 25:21, 16:25, 14:16)

PGE Skra: Gunia, Kłos, Kooy, Lanza, Atanasijević, omacz, Gruszczyński (Libero), Musiał, Mitić, Vasina, Rybicki, Milczarek (Libero), Janus.

ModenaBruno, Sanguinetti, Stankovic, Ngapet, Lagomdzija, Rinaldi, Rossini (libero), Marichal, Sala, Rosso, Salsi, Bossi.

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