Big sensation!  An unexpected victory for the Polish club in the European Cup

The Ankara team does not resemble the team of last season, when it reached the European Cup final. This can be proven with just one win so far and the penultimate position in the Group B table. Despite everything, the hosts were the favorites for Tuesday’s match, if only because Olinsk had a worse result and, in addition, went to Turkey weakened by the lack of injuries: Lukas Kolendi, Jaun Evans, and Saulius Kolfitis.

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Unexpectedly, after four minutes, the Polish runners-up were ahead 5-0. Turk finally got going and made it 7-9, but during the final three-and-a-half minutes of the first quarter he couldn’t find his way to the basket. During this time, the Wroclaw team added ten points and jumped to 19:7.

In the second quarter, Olsk still dominated the field in the beginning, and the hosts missed several times. Three minutes into the game, Jacek Winicki’s team was already ahead at 31:14 after Jacob Nesio’s 3-pointer. A few moments later, the winger again made a successful attempt from long range (35:16), but from that moment the game began to change. Now Wrocław had problems with their opponents’ strong defense, wasted shooting opportunities and with more than five minutes remaining in the quarter they lost 4:13 (39:29).

In the third quarter, Ulinsk stopped the hosts’ pursuit and was able to increase their advantage. Nizioł played a great game and after two successful free throws, Wrocław led 50:33. A few moments later, the Polish runner-up winger scored two shots and already had 19 points, with Olinske leading with a time of 52:36.

Winicki’s side started the final part of the game with a 61:48 lead and were directly on their way to victory. All that had to be done was to achieve this victory. It started off well, because after Nesio’s 3-pointer, Olensk led 66:52. At this point, the Wrocław players stopped, and the advantage began to disappear quickly, and coach Winicki tried to save the situation by calling time, but the situation on the field did not change. Five minutes before the end of the match, the score was only 66:64 for Cusinerze.

Then Hassani Gravit took over the playing burden. The American point guard first made two 3-pointers, used two free throws and finally hit another shot from long range and Olsk jumped out to 77:65. There were only two minutes left until the end of the match, and the hosts were unable to compensate for the loss.

Olinsk won 80:71 and this is the first victory this season in the European Cup. Next week, Wrocław will face GL Borg from France at home.

Turk Telekom Ankara – Olinske Wroclaw 71:80 (7:19, 22:20, 19:22, 23:19)


Turk Telekom Ankara: Marquis McDuffie 18, Tyrone Wallace 14, Stephen Enoch 13, Yigitkan Seyper 9, Okpen Ulubay 8, James Palmer 5, Ismail Ulusoy 2, Troy Selim Saf 2, Boran Guler 0, Mehmet Yagmur 0, Metehan Akil 0;

Slask Wroclaw: Jakub Neziwol 25, Hassani Grafite 15, Daniil Golbewski 14, Dusan Milic 6, Arsiom Barachowski 6, Oskar Hlebowski 5, Mateusz Zebski 4, Jamonda Bryant 4, Aleksandar Visniewski 1, Mikołaj Adamczak 0.

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