slag.  The bike was already back from a long ride.  Expert says what will be key in PGE Ekstraliga final rematch

On Sunday, the PGE Ekstraliga Grand Final. Motor Lublin has 12 points behind the Moji Bermuda Staley Gorzo. Speedway expert Jacek Frątczak says that at Motors you must first and foremost put everything together.

Michael Melnik

Mikkel Mikkelsen (yellow) and Maxim Drabeck (white)

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Pictured: Mikkel Michelsen (yellow) and Maksym Drabik (white)

Michał Mielnik, WP SportoweFakty: How do you know from your own experience if 12 points are a lot or a few?

Jacek Frątczak, former club manager from Zielona Góra and Toruń, highway expert: It’s a lot. In any case, the semi-final match between Stal Gorzów and Włókniarz Częstochowa showed that even a draw is a lot, and I would like to remind you that Czstochowa was already ahead with eight points during the first match.

On the highway today, especially considering Moje Bermuda Stal Gorzów, the composition of this team, the shape of the players, we have seen Martin Vaculik, for example, and the use of a substitute player in this case pays off. In addition, there are tactical reserves, as long as this feature is created by the engine. Remember that from a machine arena perspective, the match is much faster than it appears in the stands. This is the first series of tractors. Contrary to appearances, there isn’t much time for further deliberation, and escaping the match so quickly means that the number of possibilities with each escaping string ends.

Watch the video. Does it cause problems for Włókniarz? The manager is honest about the player’s position

Given this replacement for one of the competitors, at least these two leaders, i.e. Martin Vaculik and Bartosz Smarzlik, have six entries each, and if the match goes according to Motor’s plan, there could be up to seven entries. After that, both riders can score over 30 points, and then the other riders will have about 10 points to add to those points.

If I remember correctly, Stahl went there to train there on the main round, and even the coach, Stanislaw Chomsky, spoke frankly about it, treating this match as a trip. Hence this great loss (Vaz Motor 59:31, editor). Unfortunately, Martin Vaculik wasn’t around, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Lublin track favors beginners. The lines that seem to lead are very difficult. This track has narrow entrances in curves and is often undulating. I don’t know why it is like this, which is also complained by the host players. This makes it difficult to bypass, and these track standards reflect competitors with a better start.

It is enough to look at the fact that during the last Grand Prix tournaments or the league match in Czestochovo, Martin Vaculik was fatally effective. While most of us feel cool about Partek Zimmerzlik, Vaculik’s look and how awesome his start is, will be hard to beat.

Cars director Jacek Ziółkowski said before the first final that he preferred to go to the second leg away from home due to the tactical changes and the fact that it was better to defend the result. How do you see it?

Honestly, highway is generally better for attack defense. I think Jacek meant here, however, from a mental point of view, that his trajectory should generate a multipoint advantage and this mentality means that when we go on a trip, we stand up for ourselves, and we don’t have to make up for that. Here, the main burden of the program is that you have to hunt. In addition, achieving track repetition is difficult, and here you still have to make up twelve points. Jacek is right and I agree with him here. It is easier to defend an advantage than to compensate for it.

A very difficult task for Motors, especially with a strong team like Stal Gorzów. In my opinion, the Gorzów Club has caught the wind in its sails. This is an example of a building model for the latter part of the season. It is known that no one planned this, but it turned out that these leaders are at their best.

I will ask honestly. How do you see the chances of Motors in the final?

Chances are, of course, because the track is very specific and hard to pass, but it nonetheless hits a team with a good start. I remember the quarter-final match with Unia Leszno, which was supposed to be a picnic, and everything was open until the middle of the match. The fact that conditions were changing there during the competition. However, I think Gorzów’s team cannot be surprised like this. Gorzow players remain the favorites on aggregate.

What is the problem with the motorcycle in your opinion?

Another problem arises in Lublin. Not everything is healthy and a race against time begins. It primarily concerns Mikkel Michelsen. The most important thing is for a healthy person to start the competition and this will be the key to this game. Youngsters go differently, when one goes well, the other deteriorates. But there is another problem that is little talked about. Big work awaits the coaching staff and club management. Colloquially, you have to put it all together.

In terms of Gorzów, we can say with 100% confidence about the team that cooperates and communicates with each other. The question is whether it is possible to build team spirit at Motor, see how some anonymous people behave, and for half the team it will be the last game at this club. It will be a difficult task. It is undeniable that the off-season has had a strong impact on LeBlanc’s squad. There is a lot to spare, but there is a lot of work in the mental field.

So what’s the key in Motorbike to make up for those twelve points?

Equal form of the whole team. Everyone should lead their abilities, everyone from number one to eight. For now, we can say that they are fully functional and only Dominic Kubera and Garrick Humble are not disappointing. But all the rest are going through some problems. They all have to go like this at the best moment of the season.

Patrick Hansen or Maxim Drapek. Who will be the player’s performance more important in this match?

Let me describe it like this, a little rotary. I have a lot of sympathy for Patrick Hansen for being a human being. It is very rare for a Scandinavian to speak Polish fluently. This is very important. This is a tough season for him, but I kept my fingers crossed for Patrick, because he’s a decent guy, but he’s also a player. Equipment turbulence, very fast PGE Ekstraliga, pool too deep and a little flooded.

While Maxim Drapek. She also appealed through social media not to get involved in what is happening with Maxim. He started the season with a high C, but the question is whether he is now able to start mentally at 75-80%. than it was before. You don’t have to be a captain to lead the game well. Both players will be key to their teams, but Patrick Hansen is closer to his team and more connected to it, and that should pay off.

The bike has already shown that it can come back from a long ride. In 2018, in the first league finals, he made up 14 points behind ROW Rybnik and was promoted to PGE Ekstraliga. Is it reasonable to look for comparisons to this match, or is it a completely different match, emotional and collective burden?

It definitely doesn’t make sense, and you might not even do it. With all due respect, Stal Gorzów is not a ROW Rybnik. That’s just that, a lot. Contrary to appearances, the rate is very similar. I will not seek any analogy here. First of all, ROW Rybnik did not have such strong leaders as the Gorzów team.

One more important thing. expertise. Coaching Staff: Mentors and players know what they want to do and know what to do. No one will surprise them there, and there will be no situation that will overwhelm them mentally. Plus, competitively speaking, they are led by the best competitor of all times, and certainly of all times when it comes to the Polish motorway. This is also the end of a great era for the Gorzów motorway, and that’s a great motivation. The fact that they know this is their last dance in such a squad gives a boost.

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