Biedronka’s new show Gang Cudaków Gang Spryciaków Gang Mocniaków

Biedronka announced the new campaign with a venue called “Nowy Gang is Coming”. For several years, the chain has been running loyalty campaigns in which mascots are won for points. Last year, the action was carried out under the banner of Gang Bystrzaków, and in previous years, Gang Świeżaków, Gang Słodziaków, Gang Fajniaków, Gang Swojaków were waiting for customers.

The Chaos Gang or the Chaos Gang?

At the end of July, we reported that Jerónimo Martins Polska had registered two new trademarks with the Patent Office: Gang Cudaków and Gang Spryciaków. June 1 The owner of Biedronka registers the trademark Gang Mocniaków with the Patent Office. So it can be assumed that the new procedure will take one of these names.

It is possible that It will be Mocniaki – only this site name, after being entered in the bar, indicates the Biedronka site.

In previous years, Biedronka launched its loyalty program in the last week of August. In last year’s “Gang Bystrzaków” campaign, more than 55,000 copies were released in the first week. amulets. In 2021, in Gang Swojaków, less than three weeks later, the retailer has distributed about 1 million amulets.

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