Low prices hit private stations.  “Tanker trucks are driving all over Poland”

Private stations buy half of the fuel sold at stations wholesale from Orlean, and the rest is imported from abroad. However, since September, when Orlin began to reduce raw material prices, The fuel market began to collapse and profits began to disappear – Radio Zeit reports.

There was a problem with limited or late deliveries and fuel shortages at the bases. impact? Station owners have to drive tankers all over Poland to get fuelThese are additional costs.

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Regardless, station owners are afraid to speak openly about the problems in the market, so as not to offend Orlin. As they admitted in an interview with the station’s journalist, the worst that could happen to them now is Termination of the contract by Płock. Orlin can do this without giving reasons.

The worst situation is for those stations whose business depends only on contracts concluded with importers and does not have an agreement with Orlin. “They are standing because they do not want to buy fuel,” says one businessman. In fact, they could go out of business now” – informed ZET Radio.

Drivers line up for hours at stations

The market situation has become more difficult. Businessmen say prices are artificially high, there is a fuel shortage, and imports are unprofitable.

– He spends what is on his contracts, but he sends us to all parts of the country to buy fuel. Instead of Ostrów Wielkopolski you have to go to Rejowiec, instead of Rejowiec you have to go to Płock and so on. If it runs out of fuel at this rate, our stations could run out of it by the end of the week – says the owner of dozens of points of sale in an interview with ZET Radio.

The problem was confirmed by drivers themselves who wait long hours in queues in front of gas stations.

“Failures” at stations throughout Poland

What is the real reason for “failure”? We may be dealing with fuel shortages. Diesel and gasoline price in Poland Much less than in neighboring countries. This means that Germans and Czechs come to our country to refuel, paying about 2-2.50 PLN extra per liter at their stations.

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