January 29, 2023


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Benedict Cumberbatch could play the well-known MCU villain from the Thor movies

Benedict Cumberbatch He made his debut in the MCU in 2016 in a movie Dr. Gharib. Current promotion of the show Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And during an interview, he revealed that he may have appeared in the MCU previously as a villain.

Benedict Cumberbatch in the MCU

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, he mentioned that he was previously offered a role Malkith in the movie Thor: The Dark WorldAnd So he would have come three years earlier. However, the actor admits that he refused.

Dr. Strange came to fruition after I had a conversation about another character in the MCU before. One was too short. I was bold enough to say, “I am honored that you invited me, but I’d rather wait for something more attractive.”

In the end, Christopher Eccleston played Malekith, and the character and film are considered to be some of the weakest in the MCU.

Photo: Marvel Studios / Walt Disney

This is how Cumberbatch remembers getting the role.

“I wasn’t part of that conversation because they got back to me through my agents saying they were interested.” I read the comics and think “Oh man!” I found this character a bit old-fashioned, somewhat misogynistic in the ’70s vibe. I didn’t think it could be such a big role in the MCU. I did not understand. They assured me that the hero would be more modern than he was in the comics, but that he would retain some of his traits. They said he was meant to be a modern man who thought he was better because he had to be cocky.

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Remember, the head of Marvel Studios once said Cumberbatch was the favorite for the role when Joaquin Phoenix halted negotiations to play Doctor Strange.

Dr. Gharib 2 Shown in cinemas.