Beloved Arkadiusz Milik posted a delightful photo

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Agata Sieramska is very popular on social media, posting various contents. The model shows on the web, among other things, how he spends his spare time, or posts his fashions that are usually received with great enthusiasm, not to mention the photos of a woman in a bikini. Sieramska takes care of her diet and her figure, which means she always looks great in a bikini. Even Anna Lewandowska would not be ashamed of such a figure.

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In the latest entry, the beloved Poland actress posted a photo of her sitting in a plush seat on bright cushions. The model is wearing a faded white bikini that looks great.

Agata Sieramska is not anonymous on the Polish Internet. Her Instagram profile follows 111K. People. Arkadiusz’s partner Milik, apart from the fact that she loves sports, also encourages her watchers to be physically active by conducting various types of training online. Recently, the woman has also started the podcast “The Glow Club”, which she runs with another influencer Karolina Wójcik, better known as Viva a Viva, who is a friend of another Polish footballer.

In the past, Sieramska has been dating rapper Michał Łaszkiewicz, better known in the music world as WENA, and the pair were even engaged. In turn, Arkadiusz Milik was associated with Jessica Zióek for almost 10 years, who proposed to him, but their love did not survive. Now they are happy in new relationships.


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