The whole world wants it.  Viewers preferred me naked.
  • The 1974 film “Emmanuelle” is a cinematic adaptation of the novel of the same name
  • After the success of the movie, he played the main character Sylvia Kristel has been classified as a porn star. However, the actress didn’t have much to do with this world
  • For years, Krystal tried to dress up and walk away from her image to no avail
  • In the end, she decided to completely change her life and started painting
  • Léa Seydoux will appear in the remake of “Emmanuelle”, which will be filmed for the first time in English.
  • Most recently, the French actress and model has appeared, among others, in the latest Bond film This Is Not a Time to Die.
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

Emmanuel“It is the story of a woman who is already bored of living with a French diplomat. So when he comes to Bangkok and meets an Italian aristocrat, he eagerly acquiesces to his sexual education. The premiere of ‘Emmanuelle’, directed by Just Jaeckin, was a new beginning.. for a delicious and artistic cinema.. For the first time, erotic scenes that were bold and at the same time within the limits of refined taste reached a wide audience. Silvia Kristel Then he became a sex symbol. What will the new Emmanuel show us?

Initially, the title story “Emmanuel” was written on the pages of the novel by writer Emmanuel Arsan. It was released on the French Underground (1959) a decade before the sexual revolution broke out, and re-released in 1967. The success of its film adaptation led to another French The directors decided to continue the cult title. In the end, three more parts of the film were made, each starring Sylvia Kristel.

Almost 50 years after the premiere of the first part of “Emmanuelle”, something new is coming again. According to Variety, the new director, “Emmanuel”, will be Audrey Dewan, who won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for the movie “Happened.” This title tells the story of a woman who underwent an illegal abortion in the 1960s. Not only will ‘Emmanuelle’ be filmed in English for the first time, but it will also be the first Diwan movie to be directed in this language.

Lea SeydouxLea Seydoux – Associated Press / East News / East News

She will play the main role this time Lea Seydoux. The French actress and model has performed, among others in films such as “Inglourious Basterds” Quentin Tarantino“Adela’s life” by Abdellatif Kechiche, “The French Post from Liberty”, “The Evening Sun of Kansas Wes Anderson” or the latest Bond film “No Time to Die” from 2021.

The screenplay for “Emmanuelle” was created in collaboration with Diwan and Rebecca Zlotowski, who directed Seydoux on her “Beautiful Spike.” The project for the remake of the classic was announced before the start of the Cannes Film Festival. Release date and production details are not yet known. Although it’s just a guess, the filmmakers will likely decide to update Emmanuelle.

The 1974 movie “Emmanuelle” quickly became a worldwide hit and was watched by nearly 300 million viewers around the world. According to the actress, almost twice as many watched him on videos. French feminists complained that Emmanuel was opposed to women, and that she was the target of male fantasies. But the Japanese feminists were delighted. They were convinced that Emmanuel was the one who dominated here, especially thanks to the scene in which her husband climbs. All the Japanese women got up and clapped Kristel called up years later.

Although Sylvia Kristel was a multifaceted woman with an IQ of 164, she spoke five languages, an artist, a dreamer and a rebel Basically she became the object of viewers’ desire.

Sylvia Kristel in the movie "Emmanuel" (1974)Sylvia Kristel in “Emmanuelle” (1974) – Photo provided by Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS / East News

I wear a delicate petticoat with fine lines. I sit and smile. I am 20 years old, and I have a desire to conquer the world. I use a boring question about my tutorial to move my arm so that one of the shoulder straps comes down. I talk all the time. The gentle breeze makes my nipples harden. My relaxation makes me look naked even though I’m dressed. It boils with the tips of their tongues hanging This is how Sylvia Kristel described the audition that secured her the starring role in Emmanuelle in her book.

However, the behavior of the young actress was the opposite of what her life in a very strict and wise family was. Stern and adorable, her mother focused only on chores, and her grandmother covered mirrors with newspapers so little Krystal would not look at her. Years later, the actress admitted that her behavior was very strange.”In fact, I am a very wise person“.

The role of a nymph hungry for sexual adventures meant that Kristel was an egotist, and although she tried, she did not free herself from the image of a seductress. I was disappointed and felt some hurt. I was getting dressed but the crowd preferred me naked. I realized how much Emmanuel affected people. They wanted to continue their imagination, and I’m trapped in it, naked, and perfect She wrote in the book “Undressing Emmanuel”.

Sylvia Kristel and Nicholas Clay in the movie "Mrs Chatterley's lover" From 1981 directed by Just JaikenSylvia Christel and Nicholas Clay in the 1981 movie “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” directed by Just Jaeckin – George Pierre / Collection Christophel / East News / East News

After years of acceptance, alcohol, drugs, and attempts to escape the image of Emmanuel, Sylvia Kristel decided to live a life a little quieter. The artist began to earn a living selling paintings and in 2006 won a prize at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for the cartoon “Topor and Me”. While living in Amsterdam, she tried to enjoy life with her son. The actress, who had been smoking since the age of 11, died in 2012, aged 60, of throat cancer.

In 2020, Variety announced a six-episode biographical series based on Christelle’s 2006 autobiography. It will be told by French studio Lincoln TV and the creators responsible for the thriller Mirage. Sylvia was a brilliant mind, but despite her confidence and status as a sex symbol, she was also vulnerable; She eventually became manipulated by men, especially in her private life, and suffered from addiction It was confirmed, however, by the producers, Christine de Bourbon-Bosset. But since then, there are no more reports on the series “Sylvia”.

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