Because of a change in the law, everyone is required to replace their driver's license.  But some are better off

Not everyone knows about it, but indefinite driving licenses have not been issued in Poland for a long time. Specifically from January 18, 2013. For people who obtained their qualifications earlier, this should not be a problem, because the law is not retroactive – if they received their driver’s license for an indefinite period, it must remain so. It will remain so, but we will not keep the existing forms.

Of course, the new regulations don’t shorten the time permits are issued, but they do force drivers to replace their models with ones compatible with the latest model. This formula does not provide for such a thing as unspecified benefits.

So, just like drivers who have taken a driving test since 2013, we will get a driver’s license for a maximum of 15 years. After this time, another replacement will be required.

The time limit for replacing a driver’s license depends on when you first obtained your license. The form exchange process will start in 2028 and run until 2033. So there is still some time, but it is worth remembering so that we are not surprised when we get the call.

Many drivers fear this. A situation in which they are given benefits indefinitely, but when their driver’s license is replaced, they will be transferred to medical examinations. During this examination, the examining doctor may state that the driver’s health has deteriorated since he took the exam in his youth and issue him only a temporary driving permit.

Fortunately for these people, they will still be in a privileged position. Just like people with a temporary driver’s license, those with an unlimited license will also have to periodically replace the form, but in their case there will be no obligation to undergo additional medical examinations.

As before, a medical certificate is required when we receive the driver’s license in time due to health issues. The tests usually consist of a basic “review” of the body. This is a visual and hearing examination, measurement of sugar, pressure, maintenance of balance and an interview (what drugs are taken, what is the mental state of the candidate for the driver).

It is worth remembering other situations, apart from the prescribed mandatory replacement, when it is necessary to apply for a new form. It is when:

  • the expiration date of the document,
  • A specific driver’s license category has expired,
  • We changed our surname,
  • We have lost or damaged the document

As of 2019, it is no longer necessary to obtain a new document in case of a change of address. There is no longer a box containing address information in the document template.

Depending on where you live, your driver’s license can be exchanged in the following places:

  • city ​​office,
  • Starostei deaths
  • District office.

Alternatively, it can be carried out online via the ePUAP portal, where there is information that the exchange may occur in the event of a change in personal data and in the event of the expiration of the current document.

  • Application form (downloaded from,
  • Confirmation of payment of driver’s license fee,
  • Current photo – a clear color photo with dimensions of 35 x 45 mm, front position,
  • identity card or passport, foreigners – passport or residence card,
  • Medical certificate (if required),
  • The original driving license for inspection (the employee makes a copy of it).
  • 100 PLN – connection fee,
  • 0.50 PLN – registration fee,
  • PLN 200 – medical examination (if necessary).

The driver’s license fee must be paid at the office’s cash desk or make a transfer. Please remember to confirm the payment, which will be attached to the application.


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