June 7, 2023


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Food prices in three popular retail chains were compared. Where is the cheapest?

Kaufland, Liddell, and Pederonka competed.

The list has been compiled by the creators of the PanParagon app based on data from receipts entered by users into the app. – The data in the summary shows the lowest price for a specific product in Bedronka, Lidl or Kaufland in the first weeks of December 2022. For a more detailed analysis we took into account normal prices without promotions – explains Antonina Grzylac of PanParagon.

Although it would seem that the market leaders – Lidl and Biedronka – should have the best prices due to the fact that they compete aggressively with each other, the situation is not so clear-cut. – By filling the cart with the products included in the study, we will pay the largest amount in Lidl. However, it should be noted that here the difference in costs compared to Biedronka is only PLN 1.29 for the ten analyzed products – he adds.

However, the winner turned out to be Kaufland. For Lidl, the difference in the bill is 1.42 PLN, and in the case of Biedronka only 13 PLN. – Some of the tested products have very equivalent prices. No matter where we shop, the regular price of milk, sugar, or Caesar rolls at each of the retail chains surveyed is about the same. However, there are products more expensive than PLN 1. This is the case with cocoa in Bedronka or rapeseed oil in Lidl – Pan Paragon concludes.