Beavers contribute to global warming.  Scientists have no doubt

The more beavers there are, the more greenhouse gases there are. The latest reports from scientists from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks show that the presence of these mammals is having a significant impact on ongoing global warming. When structures are built, they flood the surrounding areas, increasing methane emissions.

– It's all happening Widely – said Ken Tip, an ecologist at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Track the flow of beavers To the rare landscapes of the north. The researcher, quoted by The Guardian newspaper, also indicated that there are studies indicating that the northern side of Alaska may remain Colonized by beavers Until the year 2100.

Beavers harm the climate? Scientists reports

It has caused global warming Arctic shrub tundraThis makes the harsh winter shorter and in the colder months the water flows more freely than before. Scientists from the University of Alaska They explored an area of ​​430 square kilometersIt is located in the Noatak River basin, in the northwestern region of the state. Their results turned out to be surprising.

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Rising temperatures have stimulated an influx of beavers To Alaska and northern Canada. Their activities have a significant impact on Greenhouse gas emissionsBecause thanks to the structures they build, new areas are submerged, which in turn leads to increased methane emissions.

Global Warming. Beavers increase methane emissions

The indicated data were obtained from Technology application Hyperspectral imaging as part of NASA's Arctic and Arctic Vulnerability Experiment Program. The hyperspectral cameras used in this process capture an image of the area at hundreds of electromagnetic wavelengths covering many bands Invisible to the human eye. This is what distinguishes it from other cameras that only record the principle colors, Such as red, green and blue.

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The researchers compared the locations of points showing an increase in methane emissions with their own locations 118 Beaver Pond and its surrounding intact tributary streams and lakes. The area within a radius of about 60 meters of each water tank was analyzed, resulting in the discovery of much higher methane emissions around beaver ponds.

Climate change contributes to These animals migrate to the Arctic tundra. Beavers build dams that cause water to accumulateWhich led to floods in the areas Covered with plants.

The decomposition of plants and organic sediments releases methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. in addition to Methane gas is released when permafrost melts. Rich in organic matter, under the influence of heat transmitted by circulating water.

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