Beautiful behavior after the defeat in the US Open.  Things like this don’t happen often

Tetspas may not have the best memories of New York, since he never made it past the third round there, however He was definitely the favorite to face Stricker. After all, he was seeded No. 7, his opponent was the 128th racket in the world and he made it to the main tournament after the playoffs.

So Tsitsipas might have been sorely disappointed, but he managed nonetheless to behave himself in style. As he left the court, he stopped near the audience and signed autographs.

It is not easy to stay there then. But I saw the children’s faces and it touched my heart because I was in their situation once

~ However, the Greek explained.

“Back then, I was really waiting for the opportunity to get my autograph. I think now I’m the kind of person that someone’s waiting for. Maybe not Federer or Nadal or Djokovic, but next on the list. That’s nice, although my first thought was to leave the card in As soon as possible. But I hope I made people happy” – added.

Stefanos Tsitsipas without winning a Grand Slam

Tsitsipas started this season very well. He was in the final of the Australian Open. Then he reached the quarterfinals of Roland Garros and the fourth round at Wimbledon. He ended his Grand Slam debut in the second round of the US Open.

So far this season, he has won only one hard court tournament in Los Cabos. In all, he won 10 titles in his career, including the most valuable ATP Finals title in 2019..

However, he remains winless at a Grand Slam tournament at the moment, despite reaching the final twice, also in Paris in 2021.

US Open. Big applause from the audience. Djokovic did not give his opponent a chance. video/ap/© 2023 The Associated Press

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