European Volleyball Championships.  The Poles stole the show at the medal ceremony

After the European Championship final in Spodek in Katowice – where the Italian team turned out to be better than Slovenia after an exciting match – we got to know the most valuable player in the tournament.

Chosen before the Italian volleyball players appeared on the top of the podium, the choice fell on midfielder Simone Giannelli. This decision may come as a bit surprising, as many have seen host Alessandro Micheletto in the role of MVP, which experts consider to be the reveal of the entire season.

It was an important moment for the Italians, because for the first time in 16 years they were able to enjoy the title of European champions. However, late in the evening, the Poles, who climbed the podium by rolling forward, stole the medals from the hand of Michaël Kubiak. The captain of the white and red team was the main character of the show. He encouraged the fans to be happy, and in the end he made a mini-tour with the trophy that got the Poles for third place in the tournament. The biggest applause in the stands came from the moment Kobiak handed the bronze medal to coach Vital Heinen. Perhaps this was the Belgian’s last appearance as coach of the Whites and the Reds.

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