Barcelona.  The Sagrada Familia poisoned the lives of the inhabitants.  "horror"

  • The Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1882, and its construction was finally scheduled to be completed in 2026. However, the date was postponed due to the pandemic.
  • Locals are not only criticizing the new element – the big star – but also protesting against further expansion plans. These assume, among other things demolished apartment buildings
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The star, which was installed in Barcelona on Monday, is 7.5 meters in diameter and weighs 5.5 tons. It was made of textured steel and glass. Along with the tower’s 800 windows, the Sagrada Familia is set to shine on December 8 – the day Spain celebrates its clean concept.

“Terrible” – the star is described by a representative of one of the groups of the population who is not afraid of the decisions made by the institution that guards the expansion of the Sagrada Familia. Residents fear other plans, incl. Building monumental steps leading to the unfinished main entrance to the basilica. If the plans are implemented, this will practically mean the demolition of three blocks of apartments, as well as the removal of a thousand families and enterprises.

People argue that the stairs were not in Gaudi’s plans and were only added by his students. In early December, the Barcelona Association of Itxaso called for all work in the area to be suspended until an agreement was reached during a tripartite meeting of residents, institutions and city council.

Xavier Martínez, chief executive of the foundation overseeing the expansion of the Sagrada Familia, told The Guardian they were open to suggestions about the stairs, but added that it was up to the city council to decide whether or not to include them in the new. plan. The council has so far avoided making decisions, and before the elections (planned for a little over a year) it may be reluctant to agree to a plan that includes demolishing dozens of apartments.

Sagrada Familia – Construction has been going on for 139 years

located in Barcelona a church the Holy Family Designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began during the life of the designer – in 1882. The project includes the construction of 18 towers and three facades different in style – Nativity, Emotion and Glory. The investment is funded by entrance tickets and donations. The building was scheduled to be ready in 2026 – the centenary of Gaudi’s death. However, it is already known that due to the pandemic, this deadline will not be met.

Źródło: “The Guardian”

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