Rome is surrounded.  There are no vacancies in hotels

As the coronavirus epidemic continues, positive signals are coming from Rome. For the first time since the outbreak, almost all hotel rooms have been booked for the ‘long weekend’ – Report the PAP. This is not only the result of the return of tourists, but also the result of the G20 Leaders Summit.

A week before the last weekend in October, some hotels are 100 percent full. Italian media reports.

It is enough to walk around the historical center or around the Vatican to see the return of tourists to the Eternal City.

The politicization of the prosecution. The lawyer says so

The shortage of hotels is not only due to the increasing number of tourists, but also due to reservations made by government delegations. Rome will host the G20 Summit of Heads of State and Government on October 30-31.


“Is Rome ready for a big return of tourists?” – This is the question that Italian newspapers ask themselves, paying attention to the risks related to the Corona virus.

In addition to being present at the G20, including US President Joe Biden and other heads of state, the people of Rome should take into account the traffic difficulties. Some methods may be excluded from use.

In turn, the eurozone, where the world’s most important politicians will hold discussions at the Novola Conference Center, will be declared a red zone, PAP reports.




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