“Barbie”: is it still a movie or a full-length toy commercial?

Earning your first million is no longer even the rags-to-riches dream of Americans, but rather throwing simple pennies down Hollywood Boulevard at the painted hats of those who failed. Of course, it’s a joke, but even if you multiply that amount by a hundred, it’s still not enough to buy cotton balls for a major film studio, just a little change, which is a pity to stoop for.

Only if you add three more zeros to this symbolic legendary million, will the high-chair decision makers really smile broadly. A billion in income is certainly a huge profit that will compensate for the exorbitant expenses on marketing, advertising and public relations, which today often exceed the amounts allocated to the production of a film. And they are not empty words, nor guesses nor conjectures, because we are talking about a very specific title here. Of course, much has already been written about Barbie, perhaps too much, which doesn’t change the fact that it’s an excellent case study and a grateful subject for analysis not only in film criticism, but also in sociology and media studies.

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