Back to the future.  Traffic approved flying car [ZDJĘCIA]

According to start-up Alf Aeronautics, its “Model A” is the first flying vehicle that can run on public roads and park like regular FAA-licensed cars.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has confirmed that the vehicle has been certified airworthy for research, development and exhibition purposes. According to Alef Aeronautics, the “Type A” has the distinction of being the only aircraft – a take-off and landing vehicle that can drive and park like normal cars.

Model A – flying car

A Fly / Ferrari Press / / East News

“We are excited to receive this certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. This brings us one step closer to providing people with greener and faster commutes, saving individuals and businesses several hours a week. “It’s one small step for airplanes and one giant leap for cars,” said Jim Duchovny, CEO of the startup.

Model A - flying car

Model A – flying car

A Fly / Ferrari Press / / East News

The company has been operating on Model A since 2015. It was inspired by the movie Back to the Future Part II. The startup is accepting pre-orders for the car, which will be officially launched in 2025 at a price of around PLN 300,000. dollar.

UPI notes that the “Model A” has not yet been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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