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From the start of the match it was clear that this could be a long and difficult engagement. And it was. The Czech won the first set after about an hour 7: 6 (1) in the tie-break. Collins reacted well (6: 3) and led to the third set.

Once again, a tiebreaker was necessary. In the decisive stages of Grand Slam events, unlike the previous regular tournaments and sets, it is played with ten points won, and not as usual seven points.

surprise on the face

The American, after a long work, scored the seventh point and began to celebrate the victory. She dropped the racket and raised her hands. What was her surprise when, after a while, she realized that she had to continue playing.

– She thought she had won the match, but now the referee had to remind her that the fight was won by ten points. She was saying hello to the goose, and here you still need to win by three points, – said the clearly amused Eurosport commentator Thomas Wolfke.

– I was wondering why she was happy, – added Magdalena Rigniak.

It’s an unusual situation, I must admit. The American forgot she was in a Grand Slam,” Wolfke commented.

Video: Eurosport An early delight for Collins in the third game of the third set against Muchova in the second round of the Australian Open


Collins quickly had to pull herself together. In the moment of joy, she was leading 7-3. Then she lost two straight points but eventually won 10-6. The entire match took nearly three hours.

“What happened was embarrassing. I’ve never played a tiebreaker in the last set of a Grand Slam event. I thought the match was over. Sometimes I find it hard to count points and it’s happened again. I guess I need to work on that.” She smiled.

Now her opponent will be the winner of last year’s Wimbledon, that is, Jelena Rybakina from Kazakhstan, who is currently ranked 23rd in the WTA ranking.

Video: Eurosport Collins advanced to the third round of the Australian Open

Will he play with Christmas?

After drawing up the championship ladder, it turned out that Collins is in the same quarter as Iga Świątek. He can meet the Polish woman in the fourth round. If that happens, the two players will face each other again in Melbourne. A year ago, the American beat the current leader in the order of 6: 4, 6: 1.

She will meet the Polish women in the third round On Friday with Spanish qualifier Cristina Boxa.

Video: Eurosport Match summary Collins – Muchova in the second round of the Australian Open

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