slag.  20 million PLN for training and extraliga U-24 games.  We know the details!
20 million PLN will be spent annually by PGE Ekstraliga clubs on training and the reserve team. This is the game management company’s strategy for the next four years. Before making the final decision, the clubs have time to comment.

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Martin Vaculik in a white helmet

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Where does the money for training come from? It will provide them with a new TV contract.

Highway sport and new opportunities for discipline can only be developed by young players. From the 2022 season, clubs in PGE Ekstraliga will have to submit their reserve team for separate competitions.. There is already a name for the new competition. It’s the U24 Ekstraliga.

Second-team matches will be played on off-league tracks, and will be governed by separate competition regulations and, most importantly, the age limit for participating players, which will be 24 years. In the competition U24 Ekstraliga, the so-called guests.

Let us remind you that there has been a lot of speculation about the reserve teams at PGE Ekstraliga. The media reported that the teams will compete in the second league, but in the end each team in the PGE Ekstraliga will have a separate team, and during the season the club staff will have to include at least 8 players up to the age of 24, including in at least 4 young players .

Watch the video PGE Ekstraliga’s personal ranking. 13th round list

Players aged 15 and over will be able to register for the second team and will be able to participate in matches.

Restrictions will be introduced to ensure the training aspect of the competition and an appropriate starting policy for competitors with low athletic levels. U24 Ekstraliga will not be allowed to run by players who in the previous season averaged 1500 points or more in PGE Ekstraliga.

Players will be able to simultaneously inform the first and second teams, and in the event that contracts are signed with new players during the season, the PGE Ekstraliga club will be obliged to submit to the license the existing list of the first and second teams. Commission within three days of player confirmation. The staff of the PGE Ekstraliga club after each change (incoming or outgoing player) must meet the requirements for the number of players in the second team.

U24 Ekstraliga will be played as per the PGE Ekstraliga FRA rates. The day of the week that will be the match day has not yet been determined, but it is already known that players will not be able to participate in the league matches of the first and second teams on the same day.

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